Top 5 tips for GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist DLC

The Cayo Perico Heist has been quite the revelation for gamers (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
The Cayo Perico Heist has been quite the revelation for gamers (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)

GTA Online's latest title update brings not only the eponymous Cayo Perico Heist but also tonnes of other stuff related to it, and otherwise. Players can now drop a couple million GTA$ and get themselves a submarine and go a-Hesitin' down to Cayo Perico.

However, that is not all. Players can also take up DJ requests to cop themselves a nice little reward for helping out English Dave and Keinemusic. The update is massive, and Rockstar Games has just released a list of useful tips that players might find extremely helpful in their time in GTA Online.

Given how large the title update has been, newer players might have a more challenging time getting a grip on things. For those returning to GTA Online, the game can feel drastically different, which is why these tips might come in handy in easing them back into the game.

A few tips regarding GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist DLC

#5 - Scope the island thoroughly


While it might seem like an unnecessarily long task, scoping out the island before the Heist can pay off in a big way. Spending more time in prep means that the player will have reduced the challenge level during the Heist itself by a lot and opened up a tonne of opportunities.

Those paying attention will discover ways to cut power to the island’s CCTV cameras, chemicals that could poison the water supply, and much more to assist during the Finale. Players can return to the Heist as often as they want to scope it out before the Prep Work for the Finale.

Note that not all items and scoping-out targets will be in the same location for players, as things such as the Guard Clothing can spawn differently for each player in GTA Online.

#4 - Prep Missions require utmost attention


Prep Missions before the Heist Finale can only be attempted once, and once failed, El Rubio's security will be on high alert. Therefore, it is always advisable to play carefully during these missions and utilize the Kosatka's many features, such as the vehicles available in the Moon Pool or the weapons found in the sub.

Players can try out different Prep Missions with each playthrough to use different combinations to weaken El Rubio's security.

#3 - Get players to help out in the Heist Finale


While GTA Online players certainly enjoy the fact that Rockstar finally lets them play through the entire Heist and Prep all by themselves, it doesn't hurt to have friends help out.

Having more players during the Heist Finale means that players can rack up more loot and increase their payout. After all, the bag fills up quite quickly when playing Solo.

Therefore, if players want to hit that sweet four million-plus payout, they will need the help of other GTA Online players, friends, or a crew.

#2 - The Kosatka is an instrumental base of operations


Not only is the Kosatka needed to play the Heist itself in GTA Online, but it also helps out in plenty of ways. The Moon Pool acts as a storage for all sorts of vehicles, and players can set their spawn location to the Kosatka for faster access to the submarine when joining a session.

Hidden Caches can be discovered using the sonar from the Kosatka and pick up some extra GTA$ while scoping out the island or merely roaming around. The sonar can also be used to detect other players in Kosatkas around the area.

The Kosatka comes equipped with Anti-Aircraft Missiles and Torpedoes and can also fit Guided Missiles. These will help gamers deal with most adversaries, both above and below the waves.

#1 - Disable Air Defences


One of the smoothest ways to escape a risky Heist in GTA Online is by taking to the air and leaving in relative safety. However, El Rubio's robust Air Defence systems will prevent the player from doing that lest they destroy it when scoping out Points of Interest for the Cayo Perico Heist.

Destroying Air Defences will allow players to make their escape quickly in an aircraft and avoid being shot down by security almost as instantly as they take off. Therefore, it pays to put in the work before the Heist Finale in GTA Online as it makes for a far easier time eventually.

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