5 best GTA Online cars under $1 million in January 2021

Cars are a vital component of GTA games (Image via GamesRadar)
Cars are a vital component of GTA games (Image via GamesRadar)

Everybody has a price, but unfortunately, not everybody has the money to get the best cars in GTA online, especially if they have less than $1 million.

There’s always a need for inexpensive cars in GTA Online. Whether its new players, victims of hacking, or some other reason, there’s always somebody out there looking for a new car in the game.

Considering the aforementioned players might not have too much money at hand, they need to get the best deal for their buck. Speed and durability are among the most important aspects, but some other minor ones, like aesthetic appearance, will be considered when determining the five best GTA Online cars for this list.

Most worthy cars under $1 million in GTA Online

#5 - Gauntlet Hellfire

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Although the Gauntlet Hellfire was introduced in late 2019, it is still a superb vehicle for players lacking massive funds. At only $745,000, this car is one of the best options for players with a budget under $1 million.

Its acceleration is top-notch, almost rivaling that of the Go-Karts introduced afterward. Unlike those tiny cars, the Gauntlet Hellfire has an impressive top speed, especially for a vehicle that is less than $1 million.

Its durability is also impressive, which allows it to be a great cushion for inexperienced GTA players. Its appearance is basic, but it is a wonderful option for players in need of a cheap yet reliable car that can carry them through the early to mid-game.

When considering its top speed in conjunction with its impressive durability, it’s easy to see why the Gauntlet Hellfire should be considered.

#4 - Massacro (Racecar)

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Sometimes, a player only has a small amount of money. In these instances, they have to go far below than $1 million.

That’s where the Massacro (Racecar) comes in handy. It’s only $385,000, making it the cheapest car on this list. As expected from a racecar, it is fast and has top-tier acceleration, which is fitting for its design. Aesthetically speaking, the logos are tacky, hurting its long-term appeal.

Aside from that, the Massacro is excellent for players. As it’s significantly under $1 million, they can opt to buy this car and other items such as safe houses, weapons, or clothing.

As far as budget options go, a player cannot be disappointed with this racecar. Also, its retail price is higher than average, so they won’t lose too much when the time comes for an upgrade.

#3 - Zentorno

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The Zentorno has been a classic car since 2014 and holds up excellently in today’s era of GTA online. It isn’t the fanciest ride or the most suave experience, but it’s excellent for players with less than $1 million.

It’s fast, has excellent handling and acceleration, and some players love this car’s aesthetic (although some others find it ugly, it is a matter of preference).

Noobs and other poor players should find this to be an excellent starting vehicle. It’s priced at $725,000, so it isn’t too difficult to obtain.

Its performance stats are on par with some of the latest vehicles introduced, so it’s one of few cars that still hold up well.

#2 - Turismo R

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The Turismo R takes everything that the Zentorno does correctly, except at a lower cost. It’s only inferior in braking prowess and top speed by a small amount, yet it surpasses the Zentorno in acceleration and handling while looking smaller (which might be more appealing to some players).

The Turismo R is only $500,000, so it’s undoubtedly one of the best GTA Online cars for somebody with $1 million or fewer.

Since it costs $225,000 less than the previous entry, the Turismo R should be highly appealing to people on a budget. It can easily hold its own in several heists.

#1 - GB200

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The GB200 is one of the most expensive options for a player with less than $1 million to spare. The price is $940,000, but its stats justify any purchase of this bad boy.

With a good top speed and a god-tier handling stats, the GB200 can help any player reach the endgame. Even once they have loads of cash, this beast is still a good car to ride, albeit not the most fashionable.

It is important to note that this vehicle isn’t the most durable one, so it isn’t too forgiving to use when explosives are flying around. However, its handling is unmatched, allowing players to avoid any unnecessary damage in GTA Online.

Even if it’s more expensive than the other cars on this list, all players should consider the GB200 if they have about $1 million to spare. It may take up the entire purse, but it’s undeniably worth the purchase.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal views. What may seem the best to one may not be so to another.

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