How to create private session in GTA Online: A beginner's guide

(Image via GTAbase)
Private sessions in GTA Online (Image via GTAbase)
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GTA Online is one of the most fun and unique multiplayer experiences in modern gaming. Rockstar Games' online ambitions weren't just restricted to Freemode, as in the years after launch, the studio introduced various match types, missions, and game modes.

As a result, seven years after release, GTA Online is far more expansive and fulfilling. The game has grown to an unprecedented scale and is one of the most fun online multiplayer games today.

However, as much fun as GTA Online is, it isn't exactly home to the most cordial and polite of players. Only minutes into a Freemode session, gamers will be bombarded with all sorts of weaponry and vehicular assaults.

Therefore, a private session or an "invite-only" session is best suited for players looking to do VIP/CEO work or other such missions in the game.

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Creating private sessions in GTA Online for beginners

To make a private session in GTA Online, players need only go to the Pause Menu while in Story Mode and follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Pause Menu
  2. Navigate to the “Online” tab and select it
  3. Scroll down to “Play GTA Online” and select it
  4. Select the “Invite Only Session” option, and they will be taken to a new private session

This way, gamers can invite friends and crew for a session without running the risk of their tasks getting impeded by griefers or other such players.

Griefing is a massive issue in GTA Online, but one that is not easily fixed, as the essence of an online multiplayer lends itself to that sort of behavior.

Therefore, if players are looking to do VIP/CEO work or complete supply/sell missions for their businesses, an invite-only session should be a no-brainer.

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