How to download the chaos mod in GTA 5 story mode

Chaos mod triggers a random effect every 30 seconds (Image via
Chaos mod triggers a random effect every 30 seconds (Image via

Modding is an integral part of PC gaming, being one of the major reasons for many gamers to prefer PCs over consoles. The GTA series is no stranger to modding on its PC versions.

The series has a long history of modding, which began ever since GTA 3 was released for Windows PCs in 2002. Perhaps no video game has as many fan-made mods as the GTA games have. The GTA modding community is also one of the largest and most active video game modding communities.

This article explores a mod for GTA 5 story mode called the Chaos Mod V. The mod has been exploding in popularity thanks to GTA streamers like DarkViperAU.

What is Chaos Mod V in GTA 5?


The idea of a mod that adds chaos to the game isn't a new idea for the GTA series. There have been similar 'chaos' mods for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Chaos Mod V by pongo1231 is an attempt to recreate such a mod for GTA 5.

What this mod does is add a new random effect every 30 seconds, the timer for which is visible on-screen. These effects may vary from setting all peds on fire to launching the player's car into the sky. Some of these effects are timed and will continue for 90 seconds, while others are one-time occurrences only.

The mod is regularly updated with new effects and features, a list of which can be found here. Currently, there are around 290 such effects that it can trigger.

How to download and install the mod?

Chaos Mod V can be downloaded from this link. The following are the instructions for installing this mod:

  • Players need to download and install ScriptHookV before installing this mod.
  • Move the ChaosMod.asi and the chaosmod folder into the GTA 5 main directory.

Players who want to use the mod with FiveM must follow these instructions:

  • Move the ChaosMod.asi into the plugins folder inside the FiveM/FiveM Application Data folder. Players may need to create a "plugins" folder if it is not present.
  • The chaosmod folder must then be moved into the main GTA 5 directory as usual.

Health-related warnings: Players with tinnitus or other hearing issues can have seizures from some of the effects of this mod. Such players should disable the following effects:

  • Bubble Vision
  • Deep Fried
  • High Pitch

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