How to download GTA Online The Contract DLC new update on each device

GTA Online The Contract DLC new update (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online The Contract DLC new update (Image via Rockstar Games)
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The new feature update of GTA Online is out today. The update will bring many new features to the game and also the return of the storyline protagonist, Franklin. There are many new things added to GTA Online in this update, including two new cars and two new weapons.

The Contract update will also have cameos from famous producer and rapper Dr. Dre and others who will feature in the missions and contribute new songs to the radio stations.

The Contract DLC is free to download for all the players that own GTA Online. This article will highlight how to download the update on each device for all the players who cannot wait to play the new update.

How to update GTA Online on all devices to play the Contract update



All the PC players who want to play the Contract update of GTA Online can go to the online store they bought the game from and check for the update button.

Players can buy GTA Online from the Epic Games store, Steam store, or the Rockstar Launcher store. Each of these stores will have a button where players can download the update and get into the game as soon as the DLC is live.

Each store on the PC also has an option to update games automatically. Players need to wait for the download to be completed before jumping into the game.

Playstation 4


Players playing GTA Online on the Playstation 4 can check the PlayStation Store and search for the game. This can also be done in the game library where GTA Online is located. Pressing the option button will bring up a pop-up, giving players the option to update the game when the DLC is live.

For many players, the update function is set to automatic updates, in which case players can wait for the download to get done and jump into the game.

Xbox One


Xbox One players can search for GTA Online in the "My Games and Apps" section, select the game, and then update it. The update button will be active once the DLC is live and players can then download the update and enjoy the new features in the game.

The Xbox One also has an auto-update option, which, if turned on, the game will download the update as soon as it is ready and once the download is complete, players can start playing the game.

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