How to enter the stadium in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

Tommy Vercetti at the Hyman Memorial Stadium (Image via Rockstar Games)
Tommy Vercetti at the Hyman Memorial Stadium (Image via Rockstar Games)

Some GTA Vice City players may be having trouble getting into the Hyman Memorial Stadium.

This sports arena is so huge that it takes up a good chunk of the map. It can be found in the downtown area of GTA Vice City. This place doesn't offer many activities, but at least gamers can visit the stadium. The only problem is that some users can't get inside the building.

It turns out that players need to wait until a specific time frame. Hyman Memorial Stadium is only available during late-night hours. It offers three vehicular events that range from races to stunt jumps. Players only need to be pointed in the right direction of the stadium.

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition: How to get inside the stadium


This article will look over both the map location and hours of availability. The stadium in GTA Vice City offers some fun activities, yet they are context-sensitive.

These events can only happen under specific conditions, such as the time of day and type of day.

Map location

The stadium in GTA Vice City (Image via Sportskeeda)
The stadium in GTA Vice City (Image via Sportskeeda)

Hyman Memorial Stadium is located in Downtown, Vice City. It's on the upper left side of the map, identifiable by the enormous protruding building. Gamers will have to make their way through the access roads before they enter the stadium. They can climb the stairs and head through the central door.

Players will have to wait a while since the second half of the island is unlocked much later. Of course, the stadium events only happen a few hours a day. The doors will remain closed until late evening.

Each of these events rotates every day


GTA Vice City offers three different stadium events. Hotring refers to a race, Bloodring refers to a demolition derby, and the Dirting refers to a dirt bike show. Each event rotates in the following pattern:

  • Hotring, then Bloodring, then Dirtring

After the Dirtring event, the stadium will cycle back to the Hotring event. It will always follow this particular order in GTA Vice City. These events are only available for a total of four hours:

  • 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM (or 20:00 - 00:00 with the in-game clock)

GTA Vice City players only have to walk through the open stadium door to attend these events. It's very time-specific, so they have to figure out which day corresponds with each show. There is no guarantee which event is which until gamers find out for themselves.

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