How to find LS Car Meet and become a member in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update

The LS Car Meet takes center stage in this update (Image via Rockstar Games)
The LS Car Meet takes center stage in this update (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rajarshi Acharya

The brand-new Los Santos Tuners update has added a slew of new features to GTA Online that are sure to delight racing fans. Among them, the LS Car Meet has been the showpiece, with the entire update seeming to revolve around it.

The majority of players hoped that this year's summer would bring a viable means of hosting a car meet in the game. Rockstar heeded their pleas and established the LS Car Meet, which is completely free of griefers.

The main reason for this is a "good vibes only" policy that disables weapons and prevents weaponized vehicles from entering the venue. To accommodate such a rule, the LS Car Meet in GTA Online is held inside a warehouse rather than outside.

GTA Online Tuners: How to find LS Car Meet and get a membership


Players who want to find the LS Car Meet and get a membership in GTA Online should follow these steps:

  • Firstly, they should go to Cypress Flats and look for a warehouse with graffiti all over it. There's also a makeshift racing line on the street outside (Popular Street).
  • Once they've found the warehouse, they can go inside through one of the shutters, either on foot or with a vehicle. These shutters have blue markers, stepping on which initiates a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene ends, players should speak to Mimi and purchase an LSCM membership for $50k.

After purchasing an LSCM membership in GTA Online, players can avail of the following benefits:

  • The first time they buy a membership, a Trade Price for one of the new vehicles (in random) will be unlocked.
  • Players will gain access to the Reputation system, a new kind of progression that unlocks modifications, Trade Prices (every 5 levels), and more.
  • They will also get a chance to show off their driving skills in GTA Online on the Test Track. One of the three Test Rides can also be tried out here.
  • There will be a Prize Ride vehicle every week, and players can take a shot at the Prize Ride Challenges to win it.
  • One of the main things is the ability to take part in races set by the Race Organizer.
  • Players can also access the all-new Mod Shop, Merch Shop, and Tattoo Shop.
  • They will even get assistance for the final Contract jobs that are available from the Auto Shop.

Hence, any GTA Online player who wants to enjoy the Los Santos Tuners update needs to get an LSCM membership. At just $50,000, it is quite a reasonable deal for anyone.

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