How to get a free Karin S95 and more in GTA Online Expanded and Enhanced

The all-new Karin S95 in promotional screenshots (Image via Rockstar Games)
The all-new Karin S95 in promotional screenshots (Image via Rockstar Games)

Gamers who pre-ordered GTA 5 and its Online equivalent digitally through either the PS5 console shop or the Microsoft Store can now pre-load the games. The new edition comes with several bonuses and rewards.

Those who upload their PS4 or Xbox One Story Mode Progress to Rockstar Games Social Club will be getting the all-new Karin S95. The car will be fully upgraded, and players will also get a Hao’s Special Work Racing Outfit and a set of new Chameleon paints.

Step-by-step guide for getting a fully upgraded Karin S95 for free in GTA Online Expanded and Enhanced

How to upload a save


The only thing that players need to do to avail this offer is: upload their Story Mode save progress online. This has to be saved to Rockstar Games Social Club, and the save will be available for download for up to 90 days. The steps have been broken down below:

  • Players must ensure that their Rockstar Games Social Club account is linked to their preferred console account.
  • They may then upload their GTA 5 Story Mode Save Game progress to the Rockstar Games Social Club from their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
  • Finally, players can download and play the save game for GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.

Here are some of the things players should keep in mind before uploading:

  • Players can update their save game until they download it on their PS5 or Xbox Series X/S console.
  • Each system is limited to one save game upload. One PS4 save game and one Xbox One save game is permitted.
  • There will be no further uploads from an account after the save game has been successfully downloaded to a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S device. After the migration, any further progress on the connected PS4 or Xbox One system will not be carried over.
  • Players should also be aware that saves from the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 are not transferable.

The new rewards


The Karin S95 is one of the five upcoming cars in GTA Online, and it appears to be a tuner. The design is inspired by the Toyota GT86. However, no other information about the car is available.

The new paint jobs are expected to be available for all five new vehicles, but they may also be available for existing cars. While the free clothing isn't fascinating, it serves as a simple reminder for the new auto shop.

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