Where to find Mike Toreno in the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition mission

CJ meets Mike Toreno for the first time (Image via Rockstar Games)
CJ meets Mike Toreno for the first time (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA San Andreas players should have a good sense of direction when trying to find Mike Toreno.

By the time players arrive in San Fierro, the Loco Syndicate is already making their moves. CJ tries to infiltrate the drug operation by performing missions for them. It just so happens that Toreno is one of the main players. At some point, he needs to be rescued when a drug shipment is stolen.

This San Fierro mission is appropriately titled Mike Toreno. GTA San Andreas players need to figure out Mike's location by following a signal. They will be led across the entire city before they eventually find Toreno. However, there are two different ways players can finish their objectives.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: Where to find Mike Toreno in his namesake mission


Using the signal to find Mike Toreno can be very tricky. Players are only given vague hints on where to go. GTA San Andreas does make it easy for the players if they know what to do. Players can either do the mission normally or take a quick shortcut to Toreno.

Directions to do the 'Mike Toreno' mission traditionally


GTA San Andreas players have a little over five minutes to find Mike Toreno. His battery is running out, which means players can't afford to waste time. Toreno will give them instructions on where to go, but the wild goose chase will take players to the following locations:

  • The contruction site right near the Doherty Garage
  • The portside area near the docks
  • The Easter Bay Airport

It turns out that Mike Toreno is inside the airport. Players have to make their way through the main gates, which have already been opened. They need to locate a van guarded by two motorcylists.

Once the player takes care of these enemies, players will have to take Mike Toreno and escape the police by going to the 'Pay N Spray'. After the wanted level has gone away, players need to take Mike to Pleasure Domes to complete the mission.

Faster route in the 'Mike Toreno' mission


Naturally, there is a secret achievement in GTA San Andreas. Since it's only available in this mission, here are the instructions:

  • Who Needs Directions? (Find Mike Toreno without any of the referenced locations during "Mike Toreno")

Players need to specifically avoid other checkpoints and head straight to the airport. It's very easy to do, especially if players have already completed the mission in a previous save file.

This is a limited-time achievement, so players should get it while they can. It's arguably one of the easier ones to collect, since all it requires is a straight drive to the airport. The rest of Mike Toreno's mission will remain the same and should be easy for all GTA San Andreas players.

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