How to join a sprint race in GTA Online: A step-by-step guide 

Sprint Race in GTA Online ( Source: )
Sprint Race in GTA Online ( Source: )
Viren Mirpuri

With the release of the Los Santos Car Meet, GTA Online has introduced races into the game. GTA Online always had races in the game in which players could compete with each other to see who is the fastest. There are six new types of races to take part in in GTA Online - three being on the test track and the other three being map races.

The races in the Los Santos Car Meet test the players' might on wheels and are a big reason for the success of the latest patch. Players can play these races with their stock cars but are recommended to upgrade their cars to the max before burning some rubber.

Players need to complete the Los Santos Car Meet Challenge to be able to win the Prize Ride. The prize ride for the week of 29th July 2021 to 5th August 2021 is the Warrener HKR and in order to win this car, players need to win 5 sprint races.

How to join a sprint race in GTA Online

To partake in the sprint races in GTA Online, players first need to be a member of the Los Santos Car Meet. This can be done by going to the Car Meet location on the map and watching the cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, the membership can be purchased for $50,000 from Mimi. Once players are done with this, they will unlock the Los Santos Car Meet option in the Interaction menu.

Players can then activate the sprint race by following these steps:

  • Players need to go to the Los Santos Car Meet in their own car
  • Open the Interaction menu
  • Select Los Santos Car Meet
  • Scroll down to the Sprint option and select it
  • Once players select the sprint option, the game starts finding a sprint race for upto four players
  • A notification gets sent to all the players in the Los Santos Car Meet for a challenge
  • When one player accepts the challenge a 30 second timer starts before the sprint begins

Once players start the race, they spawn at one of the seven locations on the map, and their objective is to race back to the car meet. Players will be racing in a non-contact passive mode to other players in the lobby so they aren't disturbed while racing.

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