How to make your GTA Online character look like Niko Bellic

Old and new Nikos - Image via
Old and new Nikos - Image via
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GTA Online players definitely miss Niko Bellic. As the protagonist of GTA 4, he won the hearts of every GTA player with his mellow demeanor and love for friends and family. However, Niko was also capable of being downright ruthless when need be.

Fortunately, on GTA Online, players can bring him back to life or at the very least, create a well built look-alike.

Take on your enemies and see how many of them recognize the character you have created.

GTA Online: Creating Niko Bellic


With a few steps to follow, this article aims to help GTA Online fans make their very own Niko.

Players, hopefully no strangers to the character creator screen by now, will first need to spend their time picking the correct heritage to create a Niko Bellic doppleganger. Notably, hair can be easily fixed by visiting the barber anywhere in GTA Online. In this case, a short brown buzzcut will suffice.

Niko's attire in the game can be easily found at any clothing store. It is nothing more than a t-shirt, shoes, a leather jacket, gloves and some sweat pants.

GTA Online players can simply walk into a nearby Ponsonbys and browse for clothes there. Working upwards from his shoes, it is easy to find the look that they have been searching for.

Interestingly, Niko wore shoes like the Worn Chocolate Slack Boots in GTA 5. Coupled with that, he donned a simple pair of Navy Tracksuit Pants, available from the trousers section of any clothing store in GTA Online.

Next, GTA Online players need to buy a Charcoal T-Shirt and Brown Leather Jacket. Already bearing a striking resemblance to Niko now, players may want to add black fingerless gloves to tie the whole outfit together.

Something like this - Image via
Something like this - Image via

GTA Online players now have the whole package. With all included purchases, not forgetting the haircut cost, the total expense will amount to $16,000. A small price to pay to resurrect Niko Bellic.

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