5 of the best GTA Online antagonists

El Rubio is one of the more dangerous enemies in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
El Rubio is one of the more dangerous enemies in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has no shortage of threatening antagonists, especially within their yearly updates.

Antagonists serve as the primary source of conflict in the story. Several heists in GTA Online deal with dangerous enemies. It makes it all the more satisfying when players finally pull it off. The stakes are often very high in these scenarios. Millions of dollars are on the line, so it's do-or-die.

GTA Online makes it clear that gamers should not underestimate these villains. They will do everything in their power to ensure failure. They range from psychotic drug barons to technological killing machines. GTA Online users have their work cut out for themselves.

Five fantastic GTA Online antagonists

5) Avery Duggan


He is not to be confused with Avery Carrington. Like his counterpart in GTA Vice City, Avery is a ruthless businessman. He once tried to bankrupt a casino so they would sell it to him for cheap. Given his racist and misogynistic ways, most players will take great pleasure in killing him.

His nephew decides he wants a cut of the profits. Thornton betrays Avery and sides with the GTA Online players. He suggests they kill him so he can collect his inheritance and buy the casino. Eventually, a raid takes place at Avery's ranch.

After the GTA Online players clear out his security detail, Avery tries to escape via helicopter. It does him no good when he is shot down and killed.

4) Thornton Duggan


Unlike his uncle, Thornton is slightly more decent. Regardless, he is still a ruthless businessman. With dollar signs in his eyes, Duggan decides to kill his kin. He asks the GTA Online gamers to kill Avery Duggan. By doing so, he can take over the family inheritance.

Thornton celebrates with champagne once his uncle is taken out. However, he fires Vincent as head of security. Most GTA Online players were annoyed by his decision. At the very least, they can take revenge on Thornton.

GTA Online users will repeatedly make a fool out of him when they rob the casino. Not only does Thornton lose millions of dollars, but Vincent also plans on filing a lawsuit against him.

3) Avon Hertz


At first, it seems like Avon Hertz is on the player's side. However, GTA Online reveals his true intentions. The tech industry billionaire has one goal in mind. He wants to use nuclear weapons to wipe out most of humanity.

Avon tricks GTA Online players into creating a pathway to his hacking schemes. He takes control of the San Andreas defense network. GTA Online players must now fight his private army of machines before he destroys the world.

Out of all the antagonists in the series, Avon is one of the most deranged. When his plans fail, he tries to escape with a jetpack. Ultimately, gamers will blow him up with a few homing missiles.

2) Clifford


Clifford is unlike any significant antagonist in the series. It is one of the top AI networks in the entire world. However, it's also the most sociopathic. Avon Hertz created it so he could hack into defense networks and cause a nuclear war.

Together with a private army, Avon and Clifford seem unstoppable. However, they are no match for GTA Online players. As Clifford continues to grow its intelligence, it decides Avon is no longer useful. Instead, it wants to destroy all of humanity.

GTA Online users will have to resort to the Orbital Cannon to finish off Clifford. Not a single code is left from its existence. It's one of the most explosive heists in the entire series.

Clifford's threat cannot be underestimated. The entire fate of the human race is in the hands of the gamers.

1) Juan Strickler


Better known as El Rubio, he is one of the world's most notorious criminals. While he is not as dangerous as Avon Hertz or Clifford, he is more grounded in reality. His torture methods are extremely brutal. Anybody who gets on his wrong side will find out the hard way.

The functional drug addict runs his private island. Cayo Perico is the setting for a particularly daring heist. GTA Online players will have to gather intel and steal valuable objects from El Rubio. These include stacks of gold and panther statues. The best part is they can make easy money from El Rubio.

Naturally, he is none too happy when he finds out. He frantically orders his guards to kill any and all intruders. However, gamers can escape and take off with his prized possessions.

El Rubio was left alive for one reason. The player has to go back and steal from him again. It's rather satisfying.

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