5 hidden secrets GTA players found in Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico is a treasure cove of GTA secrets (Image via u/johnnywolfwolf, Reddit)
Cayo Perico is a treasure cove of GTA secrets (Image via u/johnnywolfwolf, Reddit)

By land, sea, and air, GTA Online players searched the entire island of Cayo Perico to discover its secrets.

Many players are currently busy with the new Los Santos Tuners update. Even so, it doesn't mean Cayo Perico is forgotten. Performing heists on El Rubio's private island is a great way to make extra money. For GTA players who seek a thrilling adventure, Cayo Perico offers plenty.

Rockstar Games went out of their way to include as many secrets as possible. Those exploring the island might find points of interest that catch their attention. Some of these secrets are more well-hidden - GTA Online players need to know when and where to look.

Five mysterious findings from Cayo Perico in GTA Online

#5 - Underwater alien egg


One of the more interesting discoveries in Cayo Perico relates to the alien species. It's all but confirmed aliens do exist within the GTA universe. The bottom of the ocean holds several mysteries, one of which is hidden in a whale skeleton.

GTA Online players will need to use scuba diving gear to reach this location. Any type will do for this particular mission. They can find this alien artifact on the northeastern coast of Cayo Perico. It was found right behind the whale skull.

The egg itself is brightly-colored green with dark shades here and there. It certainly stands out on the shadowy ocean floor. Given its placement, it seems to imply the whale ate the alien egg and died shortly after.

Otherwise, the egg would presumably be digested within the stomach.

#4 - Stranded Whale


On the western part of the main island, players can visit the fishing jetty. There is a beached whale right nearby. This is a particularly rare event in real life. Unfortunately, it has deadly consequences for the animals themselves.

Pavel will remark on the rarity of finding a large sea creature on land. Given the body is barely decomposed, it must have recently landed on shore. The whale cannot be moved from its current position. Even using a heavy-duty vehicle will do nothing to deter it from its spot.

Interestingly, Pavel brings up a bizarre story tot he GTA player. He once met a whale during a CEO kidnapping on a cruise ship. He did not elaborate further, as he did not want to "speak ill of the dead." Pavel is nothing if not interesting.

#3 - Torture Cage


When GTA players scout the secretive island, they might discover something gruesome. If they head west of the Communications Tower, they will find a mangrove tree. Attached to the large branch is a steel cage.

Pavel would describe this as a "typical cartel method." Apparently, he was once captured by the Welsh and forced into a cage for months. With the never-ending summer heat of Cayo Perico, it has to be a brutal experience.

At least Pavel survived. The cage serves no story importance, other than to remind the player what can happen if they fail the heist. El Rubio doesn't mess around with unruly guests. Just ask the rotten corpses littered throughout the area.

#2 - Conquistadors

Cayo Perico has a deep-rooted history of treasure hunters (Image via GTA Wiki)
Cayo Perico has a deep-rooted history of treasure hunters (Image via GTA Wiki)

There is a small island near the west coast of Cayo Perico. While the grass covers most of it, players can find hidden artifacts of a bygone generation. There are skeletal remains of conquistadors, recognizable by their signature armor.

GTA Online players can find these skeletons near a wheelbarrow. There aren't many bones left, considering how long ago this was. It makes the player wonder what the island was like at the time.

Pavel suggests Cayo Perico has been robbed several times in the past. Beyond this moment, there is no further use for this small island. The amount of grass depends on the GTA player's graphic settings. Players with Ultra HD will have a slightly harder time finding these ancient treasures.

#1 - Loch Ness Monster


The legendary mythological creature can be found in different areas of Cayo Perico. However, it only appears twice in the final heist - once at the beginning and right near the end of the escape. Their locations tend to vary.

GTA Online players can find it far off in the distance. If they get too close, good old Nessie will dive underwater. Players can use a sniper rifle to get a good look. Shooting at the creature does nothing.

Earlier in the scope-out mission, there was yet another reference to Nessie. Over at the beach party, players can search behind the bar for a sand sculpture. It bears a strong resemblance to the famous sea monster. Pavel seems to imply he had an encounter with it before.

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