How much do MOC Missions pay this week in GTA Online?

(Image via Finn Pup, Youtube)
(Image via Finn Pup, Youtube)

GTA Online weekly bonuses and discounts offer players the opportunity to make the most out of their time in the game with bonus rewards on certain match types and activities. For instance, this week in GTA Online, players will get cash and RP on MOC Missions three times.

The Mobile Operations Center, or the MOC, is a potent and valuable vehicle/property in GTA Online. The vehicle itself is quite useful with its powerful armor and weaponry. But it also has plenty to offer in functionality.

Not only is the MOC extremely useful for its Weapons Workshop, but players can also launch a series of missions from within the semi to earn some extra bucks. However, to unlock MOC Missions, players will need to complete a certain number of Bunker Resupply missions.

How much do MOC Missions pay this week in GTA Online?


This week in GTA Online, players will earn thrice the amount of money they usually would from MOC Missions. Therefore, if the player is looking to get into the Gunrunning business with their Bunker, this is the perfect time.

Completing 14 Bunker Resupply missions will unlock every single MOC Mission with the first one requiring only 2. Therefore, completing the whole lot of them in one go will net the player quite a huge cash sum.

Doing MOC Missions will also help players unlock Trade Prices for Weaponized Vehicles in Warstock Cache and Carry, which is quite valuable. There are a total of 8 MOC Missions in the game, namely:

  1. Severe Weather Patterns
  2. Half-Track Bully
  3. Exit Strategy
  4. Offshore Assets
  5. Cover Blown
  6. Mole Hunt
  7. Data Breach
  8. Work Dispute (Unlocked after completing Data Breach)

To start a MOC Mission, one need only step inside the said MOC and find a TV screen with a username and password verification. The player can then access it and a Launch Missions through the panel.

Each mission requires 2-4 players to be able to play. Therefore, it is advisable to bring crew or friends along for these missions.

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