How to Play GTA Vice City Online

GTA Vice City Multiplayer Mod (picture credits: LibertyCity)
GTA Vice City Multiplayer Mod (picture credits: LibertyCity)

GTA is one of gaming's most successful franchises, perhaps the most successful of all time with titles that came out in 2002 still being played by a large section of the gaming community.

GTA Vice City saw the players run amok in a Miami-inspired Vice City, a neon playground that took the players back to the 80s criminal underworld. Players took control of Tommy Vercetti, as they slowly take control of Vice City as the new kingpin.

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How To Play GTA Vice City Online

GTA Vice City Multiplayer
GTA Vice City Multiplayer

The GTA franchise has recently seen mammoth success with GTA: Online raking in huge amounts of money with in-game purchases on a daily basis, making it perhaps one of the most valuable online properties.

But one of the franchise's most-loved entries: GTA Vice City, did not get an online component as the games after it did. But, the modding community of GTA has never been the one to rest on their laurels.

GTA VC MP, is the online multiplayer mod that enables players to join a multiplayer server along with 100 other players as they roam about freely in Vice City causing ungodly amounts of havoc in their wake.

How to download GTA Vice City Multiplater Mod:

  1. Get GTA Vice City for your PC, Digital or otherwise. The digital version of GTA Vice City is available on Steam.
  2. Download the GTA VC Multiplayer mod from
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions after the download finishes to start playing GTA Vice City online.
GTA Vice City Multiplayer Mod
GTA Vice City Multiplayer Mod

The mod supports up to 100 players on a single server, making for some truly chaotic moments in Vice City. The game also allows players to interact with the game world more freely, with each player adding their own rules and adding or removing structures within the city.

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