How to play as Lamar in GTA Online

Lamar Davis returns to GTA Online alongside Franklin Clinton (Image via Sportskeeda)
Lamar Davis returns to GTA Online alongside Franklin Clinton (Image via Sportskeeda)

Lamar Davis is the first Story Mode character that GTA Online players encounter. He remains a contact throughout the game, providing various jobs and services. Lamar returned with The Contract DLC and is now a playable character.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how GTA Online players can get him as a playable character. Along with Franklin Clinton, Lamar is playable during three unique co-op missions as part of The Contract DLC.

GTA Online The Contract: Playing as Lamar in the Short Trips co-op missions


The Short Trips co-op missions can only be unlocked when The Dr. Dre Contract from GTA Online: The Contract has been completed. After that, players will need to follow the instructions below to initiate the co-op missions:

  • After finishing the main storyline of The Contract DLC, players will receive a call from Franklin, either immediately or after a few hours of waiting.
  • To begin playing the Short Trips co-op missions, they must go to Record A Studios. They have to visit the Smoking Room and pick the "Smoke Special Strain" option here.
  • The game then switches over to Franklin and Lamar, while the two player-made characters have an out-of-body experience (OBD). The leader takes on the role of Franklin, while the second player takes on the role of Lamar.

Players will have to join another friend to play Lamar and take on the secondary role. This is because the player who begins the mission in their session will always gain control of Franklin.


As mentioned before, there are three objectives to complete while playing these two. These are a series of missions that players will have to begin separately by visiting the recording studio every time. The missions are detailed as follows:

  • Seed Capital - Franklin and Lamar visit Lamar's cannabis storage facility. They engage in a gunfight with the Vagos to stop a stolen truck from leaving. After hiding inside the vehicle, they must fight off a swarm of Vagos members who have been alerted to their location.
  • Fire It Up - Lamar and Franklin race each other to get to the Vagos' cannabis farm in Blaine County first. They then travel to numerous locations and destroy all the Vagos' weed plantations.
  • OG Kush - Lamar arranges a meet with Jimmy Boston of the Epsilon Program, but the deal falls through. The Vagos assault them, but the mission concludes in a good (and surprising) ending for Lamar.

Franklin and Lamar make several references during these missions to earlier GTA games like GTA San Andreas and even the Story Mode events from GTA 5.

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