How to point in GTA Online: All you need to know 

Pointing in GTA Online ( Source: Youtube @TheRedFox )
Pointing in GTA Online ( Source: Youtube @TheRedFox )
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GTA Online is a game that is better played with friends. Due to the number of missions that are multiplayer, the game becomes a better experience to share along with friends.

GTA Online gives players a number of options as to how they can communicate with each other in the game. Players can communicate via Text or Voice chat, which helps them understand what to do within the game.

Sometimes, text and voice chat fail to help explain a certain few things. May it be the direction of where the next mission is or where to find a specific item in the game. GTA Online has a unique system that helps players to navigate which is pointing in the game.

Not all players have access to mics in GTA Online and most of their communicating is done by text. Having a pointing system in the game due to an absence of a pinging system helps players understand each other a little better when there is no mic.

Having a microphone with texting only gets better with the pointing system in the game, as it helps players understand things which would be difficult without a pinging system.


Pointing works both in third person mode as well as first person mode and stays active until the player does an action such as pulling out a gun or fighting.

How to point in GTA Online: All you need to know

Clearing out the fact that GTA Online is not a cross platform game and that each player playing from console and PC can only play with others on their respective systems, the buttons and keys to point out to things in GTA Online are as follows :


To point in GTA Online while playing on a console, players need to double tap the right analog stick.


Players need to press the B button on the PC if they want to point in GTA Online.

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