How to sell a penthouse and other properties in GTA Online

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GTA Online is not the most rated franchise in the world for no reason. While crime and chaos are the primary focus of the game, the virtual world offers players a lot more than the mayhem of the streets where unexpected assaults and violent attacks are considered to be completely normal.

Over the years, GTA Online has truly turned into a sprawling universe. From life-threatening missions to perilous quests to gothic themes to recreational activities, the game has it all. And in this acquisitive age, one can't live a good life without being rich enough to afford all the cool stuff Rockstar keeps adding to GTA Online. Indeed, over the years the game has racked up so much content, the player will never run out of things to do while actively playing the game.

Penthouses and properties, too, are an important part of the virtual world. Players can own a combination of six apartments, houses or garages in GTA Online. Each property comes with living quarters and a vehicle storage facility.

  • Office
  • Bunker
  • Motorcycle club
  • Arena Workshop
  • Hangar
  • Facility
  • Arcade
  • Casino Penthouse
  • Arena Workshop

Each property or business holds a special place in GTA Online and are fairly lucrative in their own right. While some, like the vehicle warehouse, because of money-spinning miracles, others play a more passive role in the game. A high-end apartment, for instance, may not be directly connected to an illegal operation, but it becomes a safe haven for criminal prodigies when they are plotting a heist or grand robbery.

At some point, however, the players may feel like they would be better off without a certain property, which is where the age-old question comes from: How on earth does one sell a property in GTA Online? After all, the game doesn't seem to give any direct instructions.

This article explains how players can get rid of a property they no longer need or want to own in GTA Online.

How to sell a penthouse and other properties in GTA Online

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The player cannot directly sell the property in GTA Online after having paid for it. They can, however, trade it for another property. Here's how the player can make the exchange:

  • Bring up your Phone by pressing Up Arrow
  • Go to a site called Dynasty8
  • You can filter properties from low to high to make a profit in transaction
  • Trade the property you no longer need with a property you don't own
  • Make the exchange and look for your new property on the map

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