Liberty City 2001 mod aims to improve GTA 3 drastically

liberty city 2001 mod
A new GTA 3 mod is trying to improve how you play the game (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Liberty City 2001 mod is a total conversion project aimed at upgrading GTA 3 to the standards of later 3D Universe titles like Vice City, San Andreas, and the Stories games. Grand Theft Auto 3 is often considered the least refined game in the 3D Universe Trilogy, as it was the first title of the series and had fewer features.

So, if you want to play Grand Theft Auto 3 with more modern quality-of-life features, check out the Liberty City 2001 mod, also called LC'01. Here's everything you need to know about it, including details regarding its release, features, and more.

Liberty City 2001 mod for GTA 3 modernizes the game


According to the mod's description on GTAForums, the Liberty City 2001 mod attempts to be a lore-friendly total conversion of Grand Theft Auto 3. When it was first released, many considered GTA 3 to be ahead of its time, but it's quite clunky and outdated by modern standards. As mentioned, this mod tries to make the game feel more like its successors in the Grand Theft Auto 3D Universe.

The mod authors have worked on various popular Grand Theft Auto mods, including Tightened Vice/Thrice, Grand Theft Auto Underground, GTA3D, and Vice City: BETA Edition. The description also mentions the influence that Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories had on this mod:

"Design wise a key source has been primarily inspiration coming from Rockstar Leeds' Stories games, all while aiming to maintain GTA3's unique identity and fleshing it out through various restorations of design concepts Rockstar never had time to finish or developing on brands and ideas that were originally lacking detail."

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In terms of gameplay, the Liberty City 2001 mod for Grand Theft Auto 3 incorporates the best features of Vice City, San Andreas, and the Stories games. For instance, you can switch outfits, roam around some of the interiors (like safehouses), play arcade games, and even swim.


Other quality-of-life improvements include the ability to fly helicopters and jump out of a moving vehicle. The mod also adds a total of around 36 weapons and 105 different vehicles, many of which have been taken from the later games in the series.

There is no definite release date or expected release window for the Liberty City 2001 mod. However, there are a few screenshots on the mod page (linked here) that depict how Liberty City looks in this exciting total conversion mod. In some ways, they've even surpassed Rockstar in capturing the gloomy atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto 3. The embedded videos also showcase the progress of the mod.

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