List of all the discounts in GTA Online after the recent weekly update (November 25)

All discounts in GTA Online as of November 25 ( Image via Rockstar Games )
All discounts in GTA Online as of November 25 ( Image via Rockstar Games )
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Every week Rockstar Games updates the content in GTA Online. These updates feature new prize rides, podium vehicles, new challenges and new discounts. Many players look forward to the discounts as they are a nice way to buy the few things players want in the game.

There are many discounts in GTA Online's weekly update for the week of November 25. For all the players who have saved some hard earned GTA$, it is time to splurge on some of the coolest vehicles, clothing and businesses.

GTA Online is an extremely competitive game where having the best weapons and vehicles in the game grants a huge lead to the player. If it is either for PvP or PvE, players need good equipment to survive. This article gives players a full list of all the discounted items in the game for the week of November 26.


All the discounts in GTA Online as of November 25

There are quite a few discounted products in GTA Online this week. Players can buy a few specific vehicles at 40% off. There is also a 35% sale on the Kosatka Submarine for players who want to buy a new property. Renovations and upgrades to the Submirine will cost a little extra.


Cars & Other Vehicle discounts this week:

40% Off -

  • Weaponized Dinghy ($1,110,000)
  • Patrol Boat ($1,773,000 - $1,329,750)
  • Veto Classic ($537,000)
  • Veto Modern ($597,000)
  • Slamtruck ($786,000)

Clothing discounts this week:

Players can get a free t-shirt from CircoLoco Records if they manage to collect all four of the Media Sticks hidden across Los Santos. Although this is not a discount, it is a chance for players to claim a free t-shirt.

Property & business discounts this week:

  • 35% Off Kosatka Submarine (+Renovations & Upgrades)

All these discounts help players complete their arsenal of weapons in the game and many of these items are a must have. Things like the Kosatka Submarine is an important property to have to start the Cayo Perico heist. Rockstar Games is making it easier for players to purchase the property, for all the players who haven't done the Cayo Perrio heist yet.

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