List of GTA+ bonuses and discounts this month

GTA+ bonuses and discounts this month (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA+ bonuses and discounts this month (Image via Sportskeeda)

Rockstar Games has just released a new set of bonuses and rewards this month for GTA+ members, which includes vehicle benefits, property benefits, and more.

GTA+ is a premium monthly membership program for Grand Theft Auto Online that delivers exclusive benefits to its members in terms of exclusive bonuses and rewards. A plethora of bonuses and discounts have arrived with the latest update for June, and the community cannot keep calm.

GTA+ bonuses and rewards for June

1) Vehicle benefits


The Phantom Custom Mobile Operations Center and Customization

The Mobile Operations Center, a drivable command center, was introduced with the Gunrunning update. It is available free for GTA+ members this month, and it can be stored inside a bunker in GTA Online.

The MOC features various modular bays that may be upgraded to a Vehicle Workshop to modify weaponized vehicles, a Weapons Workshop to create new MK II weapon varieties, or all that an independent operator would need on the road.

The modular bays allow tailored combinations of upgrades, while the Command Center provides access to eight Mobile Operations Missions. These missions, when completed, unlock discounted prices for weaponized and military surplus vehicles sold at Warstock Cache & Carry.

How to claim

Bunker owners can claim it by visiting the Warstock Cache & Carry in-game website.

Weapons and Vehicle Workshop


The Weapon Workshop lets players access upgrades for several weaponized vehicles, and it is free of cost for GTA+ members. It also unlocks many customizations made possible by Mk II upgrades.

The MK II variations of the pistol, SMG, Heavy Sniper, Combat MG, Assault Rifle, and Carbine Rifle deliver a wealth of options, including new magazines to carry out special rounds, including Tracer, Incendiary, Armor Piercing, and others.

Users can add Night Vision, Holographic and Thermal Scopes, new Grips, Suppressors, Muzzle Breaks, Liveries, Tints, and lots more.

How to claim

Bunker owners can claim the Phantom Custom Mobile Operations Center by visiting the Warstock Cache & Carry in-game website.

2) Properties benefits


Bunker in Raton Canyon and Add-ons

The update allows GTA+ members to claim the Bunker and the add-ons free of cost. Bunkers are as good as underground fortresses that can serve as the base of operations for all gunrunning activities.

Members get access to the gunrunning business to dominate the illegal arms trade in Southern San Andreas with a free Bunker. The Bunker also allows for extensive customizations and upgrades, such as a Weapons Workshop to upgrade tools, Personal Quarters, a Shooting Range, and a Gun Locker to store arsenals and customize the Freemode loadout.

How to claim

Players can claim it by visiting the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website and claiming the property in Raton Canyon.



Users can get started with their Gunrunning activity by answering Agent 14's call. Then, using SecuroServ, they can become the CEO, MC President, or VIP to procure supplies necessary to get their business underway.

They can then assign their employees to manufacture and research weapons or split their time between them. It is available free of cost for GTA+ members only.

How to claim

This can be claimed by visiting the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website and claiming the property in Raton Canyon.

3) Additional benefits


The latest update also brings some fancy wardrobe items: The Blue Glow Necklace and the Blue Stitch Emissive Mask, which will be directly added to the GTA+members' wardrobes for free.

Members will also have free access to the Stars Livery for the Chernobog, Barrage, V-65 Molotok, and the War Camo Livery for the Pegassi Toreador. All of these items are free of cost for them.

How to claim

HVY Chernobog's Stars Livery can be obtained at any owned Facility Vehicle Workshop, while the HVY Barrage's Stars Livery can be obtained at any owned Avenger or MOC Vehicle Workshop.

The V-65 Molotok's Stars Livery can be claimed and applied in a held Hangar Workshop. The Pegassi Toreador's War Camo livery can also be claimed and used at any Auto Shop in the city.

4) Event bonuses


Apart from the fantastic offers mentioned above, users can also earn:

  • Bonus 50% GTA$ and RP for completing Gunrunning Sell Missions
  • 2x rewards when playing Double Down Adversary Modes
  • 50% off on the cost of Bunker Supplies

New benefits start today in the latest GTA+ event period for GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For details on this month's rewards and how to claim them, visit the GTA+ website:

Gamers have until June 29 to claim all the offers that Rockstar Games has revealed in its latest update. This is certain to heighten the fans' gaming experience in the days to come.

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