Looking back at 5 fake GTA 6 map leaks

A fan-made map based on leaked reports.  (Image via gdn001, DeviantArt)
A fan-made map based on leaked reports. (Image via gdn001, DeviantArt)

Out of all the rumors that were being spread about GTA 6, all the different maps were the most bizarre to have come from all corners. After the recent trough of GTA 6 leaks, the locations seen in the leaked clips have debunked most of the rumors.

Vice City was the most rumored location for GTA 6, and the leaked clips showed a lot of hints about the same. Even after all the maps were debunked, they still captured the attention of players eagerly waiting for the official details.

This article will look at some of the GTA 6 maps which are now more or less debunked.

GTA 6 maps that have been proven fake recently

1) 2021 map leak


Last year, two maps were leaked from the same source, with one of them inspired by Vice City, Florida. The map was detailed enough to have legends of activities and stores. Unfortunately, the other details looked blurry in the video that showed the map.

Every time there is a blurry video accompanying 'leaked' content, there is a high chance of the source being fake. In this case as well, there was a lot of back and forth while showcasing the various legends and locations on the map with old game footage.

The leakers tried so hard at convincing their credibility that they spawned another detailed map, discussed in the next point in the article.

2) Fred's Fun World


This is the second map from the infamous source of the map from 2021. This time around, the map was much more detailed and showed what looked like a theme park included in it. The layout of this amusement park also matches a specific part of the previously released map from the same source (check the point above).

Some fans even spotted the photoshopped Fred Quincy face used in the poster being a stock image. All of this eventually led to the maps being debunked. Eventually, the leakers made a video where they confessed to having tried to troll the fans.

3) 2018 map leak


Between the location leaks and rumors that were doing the rounds, one of the early maps to have surfaced was from 2018. This map was first shared by a tweeter @nineteeneightyfive. Multiple images were released with the purported leaks.

The first of the images showed a bird's eye view of the updated GTA: Vice City map. The second image showed an improved and detailed image of the island where the game was supposed to be based. The renders were too good to be true already. The final image was just a zoomed-in image of the bird’s eye map.

The map follows rumors that the game will be based in both North and South America.

4) BOCOBACO Leaked Map 1


BOCO is a Portuguese-based leaker who was in the spotlight for his tweets about the maps from the forthcoming GTA 6 game. The leaked maps appeared to be of poor quality when viewed for the first time. This map only shows a small portion of the location where the game was to be based.

The map looks to have drawn inspiration from Rio de Janeiro. The map looked genuine at first glance as it showed a fraction of the city, but it was quickly ruled out to be fake when everyone delved into it in detail. However, even after his fake map was called out, he returned with yet another supposed map, discussed below.

5) BOCOBACO Leaked Map 2

This map was created by designer dkDesign (Images via dkDesign)
This map was created by designer dkDesign (Images via dkDesign)

There was another leaked map from BOCO too, which looked just as bizarre as the previous one. The second map looked similar to the first and appeared to depict the city of Cali, in southwestern Columbia. Players were again quick to dismiss the second map also as fake.

The leaker kept working on the the rumors that were popular at any given time in the community. He then got maps made on the basis of these new rumors, which ultimately led to his Twitter account being suspended.

Edited by Saman
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