5 GTA 6 leaks that cannot be relied upon

Some of the leaks are really hard to believe (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some of the leaks are really hard to believe (Image via Sportskeeda)

Despite numerous GTA 6 leaks, there are only a few that might be true. The vast majority of leaks are clearly identifiable as fakes.

The most important thing on every GTA fan's brain right now is GTA 6. The amount of hype surrounding the next game is enormous, so, understandably, there have been several leaks.

Details about GTA 6 have yet to receive an official announcement from Rockstar Games, and they haven't even confirmed its release date. Despite this, fan excitement is at an all-time high. This article examines some of the most plainly false leaks about the upcoming sequel that fans might not have recognized yet.

A look at some GTA 6 leaks that were verified as false

1) BOCO's South America Map leak

The tweet above was posted by the user BOCOBOCACO and shows a grayed-out map. This could be the map for the future game, according to the tweet.

The tweet, which focused on the Project Americas leak, cited South America as a reference. For a newcomer, this may appear exciting and realistic, however, veteran players will see right through it.

BOCO has a history of faking leaks and spreading incorrect information. On several cases, the alleged leaker has been identified and exposed. Moreover, since this post, BOCO has confirmed that many of his sources did not pan out.

2) 2021 map leak


A map leak surfaced last year via a now-deleted YouTube video. The map was inspired by Vice City, however it included more of the Florida countryside than the 3D Universe. The menu was nearly identical to that of GTA 5, with a legend highlighting the various stores and activities.

The unsteady camera video, on the other hand, revealed its unreliability. It's nearly always a fake when a reported 'leak' merely manages to reveal unclear photographs or footage.

Strange fonts and poorly designed roads were other obvious red flags. The map's design mirrored that of the 3D Universe games more than the HD Universe games.

3) Project Americas (JackOLantern1982 leak)


A user named JackOLantern1982 (also deleted) posted a fairly detailed summary of what GTA 6 was all about on Reddit (which has since been deleted). However, it turned out to be fake, as it is highly unlikely for single person to know so much about the game without crediting any kind of legitimate source.

It's very likely that JackOLantern1982 was inspired by Inside Gaming's original Project Americas rumors and chose to create a 'leak' based on it. Another user posing as him had to be an opportunist who chose to prank the GTA 6 subreddit with a supposed follow-up to the previous leak.

4) Fred's fun world


The same leaker who created the false 2021 map also created the Fred's Fun World concept map. It appeared far more credible than the game's map itself. The concept image appeared to be a detailed poster with typical Rockstar humor from Grand Theft Auto games.

Fred Quincy's face featured in the poster was discovered to be a modified variation of a stock photograph by several fans. Meanwhile, Fred's Fun World corresponded to the previously stated 2021 map leak. On the map, there was a certain section that completely matches the layout of the amusement park.

This evidence demonstrated that both releases were carried out by the same person and were almost likely fraudulent. The leaker eventually created a video explaining how they staged the false leak to taunt the fans.

5) GTA 6 release date leak

The supposed leak (Images via u/rockagent)
The supposed leak (Images via u/rockagent)

The most recent alleged leak came in the shape of a purported document from Take-Two Interactive. On May 16, the massive corporation will held an earnings' call.

While Rockstar usually avoids making major announcements at this time, a document is circulating on social media that 'discloses' the company's precise plans for the near future.

The document is titled 'FY23-FY25 Pipeline Details.' According to the list, GTA 6 will be released in the second half of 2024, which is consistent with what experts have predicted so far.

But what gave away this leak's supriousness were the other two games, Mafia: Primordial, which was set for launch in 2023, and a game called Red Dead: Gunslinger, which was also set for launch around the same time. These two games by 2K and Rockstar haven't even been announced yet.

Fans usually hear about new entries through the publisher rather than the parent corporation. And it's hihgly unlikely that Take-Two will divulge anything without the creator studios' explicit approval.

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