New Auto Shop Property in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update: Everything we know so far

The Los Santos Tuners update brings some interesting new features (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Los Santos Tuners update brings some interesting new features (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rajarshi Acharya

The Los Santos Tuners update that was launched today brings several new features to GTA Online. One of the latest pieces of information regarding some of the features has been revealed on Twitter.

The update is set to bring 17 new vehicles (seven of which will be added gradually), new races, a car meet venue, and other related aspects. Since the update is mostly based around car modding and underground racing, most of the additions are more or less expected.

However, the latest update is regarding an auto shop property in the game. It will be a new kind of purchasable business, and this article will be exploring it in detail.

Players should note that this information was just revealed online, and they may get more details once they start playing the update.

GTA Online Tuners update: Details on the new Auto Shop Property


GTA Online is getting new content in the form of a major update, and this time, the major highlight is the LS Car Meet. Rockstar had previously hinted at more features to be released alongside this update, one of which has been revealed online.

@GTABase tweeted out today that the Los Santos Tuners update will feature an all-new Auto Shop Property. This information was provided to them by @alloc8or and @TezFunz2 (renowned for providing GTA news).

@TezFunz2 had also made a tweet regarding the Auto Shop business before the detailed information came out:

Based on these tweets, the following points can be ascertained:

  • A new purchasable business called the Auto Shop rolls out with the Los Santos Tuners update.
  • When purchasing an Auto Shop in GTA Online, players will get 5 locations to choose from.
  • This business will allow players to sell vehicles, which would most likely include the customized import tuners.
  • Just like the other businesses, this Auto Shop can be upgraded and even customized.
  • The new property will include a 10 car garage and an all-new car lift feature.

After the update came out, it was also revealed that all the Auto Shops would be priced below $2 million. This makes it a decent purchase for any player, whether they are starting GTA Online or already own half the city.

Only time will tell how lucrative this Auto Shop business will turn out to be. However, since it ties in with all the tuner-related activities, players can expect it to be a fun experience in GTA Online.

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