New GTA 6 leak claims the game will have brother-sister protagonists

GTA 6 might have two playable protagonists (Image via Awesome Genome, YouTube)
GTA 6 might have two playable protagonists (Image via Awesome Genome, YouTube)

A new rumor has surfaced about GTA 6, and it seems bizarre yet convincing at the same time. Apparently, the upcoming game is bringing back multiple protagonists, a feature first introduced in GTA 5.

However, instead of having three protagonists like in its predecessor, the next game will supposedly have two — a brother and a sister.

This leak comes from Matheusvictorbr- (@Matheusbr9895_), who is a known source of information for Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 6 will supposedly feature a brother and sister as protagonists

Recebi Informações Recentemente sobre a próxima entrada da Série GTA.A idéia que a Rockstar Games propôs, era a história de 2 irmãos- sendo 1 Homem e 1 Mulher, que se separou depois que seus pais foram mortos, No Prólogo em 2003.

GTA 6 has had numerous leaks in the past, but few have touched upon the topic of storylines and characters. Those that did turned out to be obvious fakes, and players were subsequently left with mere speculation. However, if the latest leak is true, the first plot elements for the upcoming game have been released.

According to Matheusvictorbr-, the protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 6 are a brother and sister who were separated after their parents were slain in the game's prologue. This prologue is supposed to take place in 2003 (a year before Grand Theft Auto 5's prologue).

Can this leak be trusted?


Matheusvictorbr- has been accurate with his leaks in the past, but he has also been proven wrong. Hence, players should take this leak with a grain of salt, just like every other leak for the game.

Rockstar Games are quite secretive about their work, and such major leaks have seldom come out during development.

Matheusvictorbr-'s original tweet was in Portuguese. Here's what the translated text reads:

"Recently I received Information about the next entry in the GTA Series. The idea that Rockstar Games proposed was the story of 2 brothers - 1 male and 1 female - who separated after their parents were killed, in the Prologue in 2003."

The idea of playable brother and sister protagonists isn't new. Assassin's Creed Odyssey allowed players to choose one of two siblings to play the game. However, the game would then be locked to only one of them.

If GTA 6 follows the multiple protagonist route like its predecessor, it could allow gamers to play as both characters.

The leak might sound a bit unusual to some players, especially those who are long-time fans of the series. However, it's still quite convincing and could very well turn out to be true.

Other details

A idéia proposta pela Rockstar, era nunca ter várias décadas desencadeadas no jogo, e sim ambientes destrutivos e mudanças de mapas baseada no decorrer da história.E mal posso esperar para a Rockstar começar o marketing real em breve, até 2024! Vejo vocês.

Matheusvictorbr- revealed that the game would have destroyable environments and an evolving map that transforms over the course of the plot and over time. However, he also said that the plot would not go through several decades, as claimed by some early leaks.

Matheusvictorbr-'s leak concludes with the claim that marketing for GTA 6 will begin shortly in preparation for a 2024 release. This coincides with claims by other leakers that the game will be released by 2024-25.

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