Why a 2024 release date for GTA 6 seems most likely

Will the next Grand Theft Auto title launch in 2024? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will the next Grand Theft Auto title launch in 2024? (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 has to be one of the most searched for terms on the internet as far as video games are concerned. Fans have been anxiously awaiting a sequel to 2013's Grand Theft Auto 5, which is still being re-released even after almost a decade.

However, it appears that the wait will have to be extended by at least two years. This is because the most recent leaks and reports about the upcoming game all seem to point to a 2024 release date. This article examines these reports and investigates why this may be the case.

How likely is it for GTA 6 to launch in 2024?


After much speculation and anticipation, fans were relieved and delighted to learn of Rockstar's announcement for GTA 6 on February 4, 2022. However, there hasn't been any follow-up on their part as of now. Fans are expecting to see a trailer and a proper announcement by the end of the year, while insiders expect the game to come out in 2024.

Claims by insiders

Une étape importante dans le développement de #GTA6 viendrait d’être atteinte. Les choses devraient s’accélérer (en interne chez Rockstar). Je pense qu’une (vraie) annonce en fin d’année peut être envisageable. Dans tous les cas, je ne vois pas le jeu arriver avant fin 2024 ! 😊

How accurate are the claims of the game coming out by 2024? Popular Rockstar Games insiders and informants like Tez2 and Tom Henderson have reciprocated these claims, which is why the community has accepted their information. Recently, some more leakers have also agreed upon a 2024 release.

This includes Chris Klippel (@Chris_Klippel), a reliable source in the industry, and Mohammad Enieb (@its_menieb). Chris didn't provide enough reasoning for his belief other than stating that Rockstar has sped up development. Meanwhile, Enieb has created a detailed chart showing the launch dates for all recent Rockstar titles and their trailers, starting with GTA 5 in 2011.

A chart showing the release timeline of Rockstar titles since GTA 5 (Image via Twitter/its_menieb)
A chart showing the release timeline of Rockstar titles since GTA 5 (Image via Twitter/its_menieb)

The above chart shows that Rockstar has been following a particular pattern in releasing their games since 2011. This came as no surprise to long-time followers of the company, who have made their own predictions based on it. According to this chart, Rockstar has maintained a one-year gap between each game's trailer and its official launch.

It also shows that the gap between two such games (including their trailer reveal) is two years. Enieb has also taken into account that the COVID-19 pandemic may have delayed this pattern by one year. Hence, if Rockstar reveals a trailer this year, and if it's assumed that they will follow this pattern, GTA 6 might indeed come out in 2024.

Fans grow impatient

That's good and all but where the fuck is GTA 6 bruh…

It's unlikely that Rockstar will delay the game any further than they already have. Fans are growing more and more anxious every day, and some of the recent decisions made by the company haven't been taken well. This includes the buggy Definitive Edition Trilogy, the relaunch of Grand Theft Auto 5 on next-gen consoles, and the introduction of a subscription service called GTA+.

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