New mod lets you play GTA 3 in the GTA Vice City engine

gta 3 in the gta vice city
You can play the GTA 3 campaign using the Vice City engine (Image via Rockstar Games)

If you've ever wanted to play GTA 3 in the GTA Vice City engine, now is your chance. There's a total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City that turns the game into Grand Theft Auto 3. The mod has been out for a while, but many players may not be aware of it. You can play and complete the entire Grand Theft Auto 3 storyline with this mod.

There are obvious benefits to playing GTA 3 in the GTA Vice City engine, as there are several improvements, like the ability to drive motorcycles, fly helicopters, and so on.

Here's what you need to know about this mod.

Run GTA 3 in the GTA Vice City engine with this unique mod


Popular Grand Theft Auto YouTuber TheJizzy has showcased the gameplay with this total conversion mod that lets you play GTA 3 in the GTA Vice City engine. The mod is called GTA LC: VC (download here) and it's been in early access since 2022. The mod was last updated in November 2022, and it's far from complete. However, it seems the modder isn't working on it right now, and since the story is playable, you might as well download and enjoy it.

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When it comes to preserving the look of Grand Theft Auto 3, the mod manages just fine as it has basically ported over the entire game to the updated engine. The graphics and color tone are surprisingly accurate to the original game, and it has managed to preserve the dark and somber color palette of Liberty City.

In terms of gameplay, there are several added features, like the motorcycles from Vice City. You can finally drive the Faggio, Freeway, and more in the streets of the 3D Universe Liberty City with this mod. Some added bonuses are the weapons from Vice City, like the Python or the Minigun. However, the most exciting feature is the ability to swim, which isn't possible in either Grand Theft Auto 3 or Vice City.

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This isn't the only mod that lets you play GTA 3 in the GTA Vice City engine, however. If you're looking for a similar alternative, try out the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City mod (download here), which is also a total conversion of Vice City. The features on this mod are also nearly identical, as you can ride motorbikes and fly helicopters in it.

The Liberty City mod is newer, as it was last updated in July 2023. However, much like the previous mod, this one is also far from complete and is missing some features like the train behavior, cutscene head animations, and more.

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