GTA 5 voice actors re-enact 'Lamar roasts Franklin' scene in real life

Lamar roasts Franklin (image via Rockstar Games)
Lamar roasts Franklin (image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA 5 community cannot get enough of the Lamar roasts Franklin meme, adding their own takes with countless meme variants with everyone from Harry Potter to Obama taking digs at Franklin.

After replying to "can a Loc come up in yo' crib?," Franklin's destruction will go down in history. Both characters' voice actors took to acting out the cutscene that takes place after the mission 'Franklin and Lamar'.

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Voice actors Gerald "Slink" Johnson and Shawn Fonteno, who played Lamar and Franklin respectively, briefly dawned their in-game personas recently. They re-enacted the sequence that occurs after Lamar asks Franklin if he can "come up in his crib."

The hilarious response where Franklin's "yee-yee ass haircut" gets called out has spawned numerous iterations of the scene. Considering how long ago they may have recorded the scene, it's amazing to see the original voice actors embody the characters they gave life to more than eight years ago. Here's the original GTA 5 clip where Franklin gets roasted for those out of the loop.


GTA and memes get along rather nicely

The GTA franchise isn't a stranger to being immortalized in memes. From the classic "ah sh*t here we go again" of GTA San Andreas to 'Lamar roasts Franklin' in GTA 5, Rockstar Games knows how to write iconic interactions.

Credits to Playstation Haven for getting the original voice actors to live out their virtual personas in probably their most iconic scene that occurs during the story of GTA 5. One thing's for sure, after an evisceration like that by Lamar, Tanisha definitely isn't calling up Franklin any time soon.

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