GTA 6 official trailer is out now: Vice City, Lucia, and more confirmed

gta 6 official trailer
A brief report on the official GTA 6 trailer getting released earlier than expected (Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA 6 official trailer has been leaked ahead of its scheduled release time, forcing Rockstar Games to drop it earlier than expected. This is the second time the studio has faced such a situation in the past week. The trailer reveals a lot of information about the upcoming title, from the characters and the anticipated release date to the new animation and the returning Vice City.

The trailer is around one minute and 30 seconds long. It confirms that the upcoming game is officially called Grand Theft Auto VI.

GTA 6 official trailer is out: Grand Theft Auto VI is the next entry in the series


The Grand Theft Auto VI official trailer begins with the introduction of Lucia, the protagonist of the game, who is held up in a prison. When asked why she ended up in such a place, she responds in a humourous manner:

“Bad luck, I guess.”

Fans then get their first glimpse of the GTA 6 map, which is none other than the returning Vice City. A lot of NPCs can be seen next, along with some in-game shots. There are boats, cars, and social media featured in the trailer.

Some iconic Vice City locations can be seen in the trailer, along with a few returning car models, like the GTA Vice City version of Grotti Cheetah based on the mid-80s Ferrari Testarossa.

The trailer then features a scene that appears to be inside a Nightclub before shifting to a distant view of a long bridge, possibly hinting at more areas to explore. NPCs can be seen partying and heavily involved with social media in the trailer.

The second half of the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is all about chaos and different things fans can expect, including the alleged second protagonist, Jason. It also reveals a 2025 release window at the end.

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