GTA 6's story might be 35-40 hours long despite its rumored huge map: Report

A brief report on GTA 6's story, which might be 35-40 hours long despite its huge area (Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA 6 map is rumored to be bigger than that of its predecessor. However, it doesn’t seem it will provide as much content in its story as fans are expecting. According to a report by famous YouTuber and insider @LegacyKillaHD on December 23, 2023, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 will only offer 35-40 hours of story despite offering a supposedly vast open-world map.

Fans were expecting it to be the biggest story ever told by Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 story could still be the biggest ever told in the series

As can be seen in the aforementioned post, GameRoll shared their expectations from the upcoming title by Rockstar Games. They initiated and asked the fans how long they wanted the GTA 6 story to be. Many fans shared their expectations in this regard as can be seen below:

A collage of fans' expectations from Grand Theft Auto 6 story length (Image via X)
A collage of fans' expectations from Grand Theft Auto 6 story length (Image via X)

However, @LegacyKillaHD responded to their post and shared that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably tell a shorter story than expected. According to them, it could be probably around 35-40 hours.

When a fan asked them about the source of this information, the @LegacyKillaHD replied:

“The only thing I’ll add is that I heard this last year.”

They further explained their sources’ credibility by mentioning how they predicted the GTA 6 release date to be in 2025:

“I’ll keep saying this but, believe what you want to believe. Nothing I’ve put out has proven to be false. Got this same reaction a few months ago when I said I heard 2025 for a release date.”

Rockstar Games has revealed the GTA 6 location to be the returning Vice City as per the official trailer, but not the map by the time of writing this article. However, curious fans have been trying to dig up leaks and have created a possible map that looks to be much bigger than that of Grand Theft Auto 5:

While it may sound like a disappointing bit of news for many, it doesn’t mean a very short story. Even if the upcoming game has a 35-40-hours-long campaign, it will still reportedly be the longest ever in the series, and second-ever among all of the Rockstar Games’ titles. Currently, Red Dead Redemption 2 holds the record for the longest story told ever by the studio, clocking in at 50-60 hours of content on average.

Fans should take all reports with a pinch of salt until Rockstar confirms or share official details about the story themselves. They can expect a GTA 6 trailer 2 to be released in 2024.

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