GTA 6 trailer breaks MrBeast's record for most viewed non-music YouTube video in 24 hours

GTA 6 trailer breaks MrBeast
A brief report on GTA 6 trailer breaking MrBeast's record for most viewed non-music YouTube video in 24 hours (Image via @mrbeast/Instagram and Rockstar Games)

The GTA 6 trailer has generated massive buzz all over the world since its release, and it looks like it’s already breaking records. The one-minute, 31-second trailer posted by Rockstar Games now holds the record for the most views on a non-music YouTube video in 24 hours. The record was previously held by MrBeast, who had 59.4 million views on one of his videos.

GTA 6 trailer is officially the most viewed non-music video in 24 hours, still going strong


The GTA 6 official trailer has 92 million views 24 hours after its release, surpassing its previous tally of 82 million views in 20 hours.

MrBeast confirmed Rockstar Games' memorable achievement on X, saying:

“The GTA 6 trailer just broke our record for most views on YouTube in 24 hours”

American rapper and actor Ice-T also acknowledged the success of the game’s first trailer.

According to a report published by IGN, the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer gained more views on its reveal day than Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom combined (on their reveal dates).

Even the Guinness World Records confirmed the new record by posting the following on X:

“It's not even been 24 hours yet, but we can confirm that the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer is already the most viewed videogame reveal on YouTube in 24 hours...”

With Grand Theft Auto 6 set to be released sometime in 2025, fans can expect Rockstar Games to reveal more trailers in the coming months. This will likely lead to the developer revealing a specific release date for the title, as well as details on a possible PC port. Currently, the game is scheduled to launch only for the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

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