GTA Online players can earn 2x the rewards with Kart Krash

It's time to get the blood flowing in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
It's time to get the blood flowing in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is putting the spotlight on Kart Krash this week, since it now gives players double the rewards.

Kart Krash: Full Auto was a summer event that ran back in August 2021. Players can finally bring the chaotic Mario Kart experience to GTA Online. All they have to do is survive this Deathmatch, which can be done in solo or team modes. The only catch is that players must use go-karts.

For the last week of November 2021, GTA Online is incentivizing players to take part in Kart Krash. They will earn twice the money and reputation, no matter if they win or lose. GTA Online players should make the most of this opportunity, since this mode won't last forever.

GTA Online: Earn 2x the rewards in Kart Krash

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GTA Online wants players to embrace the chaotic nature of Kart Krash. The weekly event is now bringing more attention to this Deathmatch. Players first need to learn how the game works if they want to win.

How to play Kart Krash in GTA Online

Here are the basic rules that players need to follow. The main objective of this Deathmatch is to eliminate all enemies on the map. It's very similar to the battle mode from the Mario Kart series. Keep in mind that players only have a limited number of lives.

All players are given a Dinka Veto as their primary vehicle. These are modified with machine guns, which players will have to use if they want to survive. Power-ups can also be found in various parts of the map.

These matches can either be done in Solo or Team modes. Kart Krash also has a total of seven different maps for players to explore.

Tips and tricks

The simplest way to eliminate a target is to go behind them and use the machine guns. Go-karts are a little tricky to handle since they make very sharp turns. GTA Online players will have to get used to it.

Kart Krash does allow players to pick up two power-ups. They can switch between the ones they want to use first. Some of these can be really powerful, such as turning players into tanks or monster trucks.

They should also use power-ups if they want to repair their vehicles. Most rounds last around ten minutes, yet players can be taken out long before then. Health pick ups are the only way they can avoid losing a life so early.

GTA Online players can always try something new

Kart Krash is a completely different experience from other GTA Online Deathmatches. It blends Mario Kart and Twisted Metal into a fun game mode.

Players always have to think quickly on their feet. Go-karts are lightweight vehicles that require good reflexes, but they lack any defense to protect themselves. That means the action never stops as players keep on moving.

Kart Krash is a unique game mode that also provides double the rewards this week. At the very least, players can try it out while they earn more cash and reputation. They have nothing to lose in this enjoyable mode.

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