GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update: Exclusive GTA+ vehicle and more bonuses revealed

The new Lampadati Corsita sports car (Image via Rockstar Games)
The new Lampadati Corsita sports car (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar has just revealed that all GTA+ members will receive the brand-new Lampadati Corsita Sports Car and two exclusive liveries free of charge.

Grand Theft Auto Online players who buy the subscription will also be granted free access to two additional abilities. These abilities include "Bribe Authorities" and "Ghost Organization," both of which are listed in the Interaction Menu.

These additions are set to arrive alongside the upcoming Criminal Enterprises DLC as the new GTA+ event period will run from July 26 through August 31.

GTA+ members to get new Lampadati Corsita Sports Car alongside Criminal Enterprises update tomorrow

Along with the release of The Criminal Enterprises update for Grand Theft Auto Online, a new GTA+ event is starting for members on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles tomorrow. The new vehicle is one of several brand new and unique privileges that come with this new premium membership event.

On July 26, all Grand Theft Auto Online players will get access to the brand-new Lampadati Corsita sports car as part of The Criminal Enterprises update. The vehicle will be purchasable from Legendary Motorsport. GTA+ members, on the other hand, will receive it for free and will also get two complimentary liveries for the car. These liveries are called 'Graphic Montage' and 'Geometric Shapes.'

To wrap the vehicle in any of the liveries, players only need to drive it to an auto shop after claiming it via the Legendary Motorsport in-game website. Currently, the only information available about the car is what can be seen in the promotional screenshots. It is even more difficult to predict its capabilities since it is a sports car, not a category bender like the Ruiner 2000 or Vigilante.

Other bonuses


CEOs, VIPs, and MC Presidents in Grand Theft Auto Online who are GTA+ members will no longer need to pay charges to use abilities like 'Ghost Organization' and 'Bribe Authorities.' These changes will come into effect on July 26 for members. Additionally, fees for Vehicle Requests through the Interaction Menu will also be eliminated.

Until August 31, subscribers who run an auto shop are also exempt from paying for repairs on Import/Export Vehicle Cargo. A free garage and safe for their executive office will also be available to members. Additionally, players will have a higher chance of finding Special Items when sourcing Special Cargo throughout the event duration.

Some free clothing items, 50% bonus cash and RP on Operation Paper Trail, and 15% extra bonus cash from Shark Cards are also on offer this week.

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