More people allegedly involved in GTA 6 hacking

There are more people involved in this leak (Images via Sportskeeda)
There are more people involved in this leak (Image via Sportskeeda)

Authorities have stated that at least two more people were involved in the massive GTA 6 leak after the arrest of a 17-year-old hacker on September 22. The British teenager, "A.K.," is the prime suspect behind the illegal sharing of early build videos and images from the upcoming game.

This information comes from the law enforcement sources of award-winning Sacramento-based journalist Matthew Keys, who has consistently provided valuable and legit information regarding this incident.

This article will go into more detail about this new development.

There may be two more people behind the massive GTA 6 leak

According to Keys, the 17-year-old had prior hacking charges and may even have been the main culprit behind the massive Uber attack, which happened not long before the GTA 6 leak.

Furthermore, the police, throughout their investigation, have found many similarities between this Rockstar Games hack and many other previous hacking incidents that happened between the end of last year and earlier this year.

These previous hacking incidents included those of big tech companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Okta. The hacker was also already charged earlier this year for two hacking attacks.

Due to the visible patterns and deep investigation by authorities related to these digital attacks, there is a suspicion that more people might be involved in these illegal operations. But later, Matthew Keys provided an updated tweet regarding these suspicions:

Matthew Keys has confirmed that according to his sources, the hacking group called "Lapsus$" are involved in this leak, and more arrests will happen. The group's rumored involvement came up very soon after news of the leak broke, so this may not surprise many people, but it has now been confirmed.

Another bit of information gleaned from this inquiry is that the hacker apprehended by police is thought to be the leader of the Lapsus$ group. Consequently, police will likely learn more about other people involved in this breach.

Matthew Keys further stated that his law enforcement sources have mentioned that at least two more people are involved in the GTA 6 leak, which means that authorities have already started cracking down on other members of this hacking group.

How has Rockstar Games been coping with this leak?

In its official statement regarding the leak, Rockstar Games stated that this would not affect any of its live services or the development of the upcoming GTA title. So, fans can assume that whatever data the other hackers might have will not affect Rockstar Games significantly.

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