Popular GTA Online YouTuber recreates in-game car using Lego

Popular Youtuber recreated the Dominator with Legos (Images via GTAall.com)
Popular Youtuber recreates the Dominator with Legos (Images via GTAall.com)

GTA car enthusiast and expert Broughy1322 recently made a stream on his Twitch channel in which he built the Pißwasser Dominator entirely with Legos. The build took around 2 hours 22 minutes and the Lego replicate looked very similar to its Grand Theft Auto Online counterpart.

Broughy1322 is known for providing accurate performance analysis of almost every car featured in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, especially cars from GTA 5 and GTA Online. As a result, a large number of fans were watching the live stream, supporting Broughy1322 during the challenge.

This isn't the first time Broughy1322 has replicated a car from GTA Online with Lego pieces. Last year, he carried out a similar challenge, building the Obey Omnis.

Broughy1322 creates a Lego version of GTA Online's Pißwasser Dominator in his recent livestream

Broughy1322 announced his livestream with a tweet showcasing the concept of what the car will look like when completed, and also referenced having carried out the task last year. The following is a tweet from last year when he created a Lego Obey Omnis.

The Grand Theft Auto Dominator Lego set that Broughy1322 used to recreate the car was custom-made for him exclusively by @mnieh, meaning it isn’t publicly available for purchase.

Broughy1322 is an expert in how Grand Theft Auto Online cars work, so he was able to translate his knowledge when building the Lego recreation without hiccups. The final product ended up looking pretty accurate to what the GTA Online vehicle looks like.

Based on the aforementioned tweet, readers can see the final version of the Lego Dominator completed on the stream. Broughy1322, in his closing remarks, talked about how detailed the Lego set was and how well it incorporated the livery in its design, making the entire build pretty impressive.

Who is Broughy1322?


Broughy1322 has had a huge impact on the Grand Theft Auto Online car scene and for years has provided the community with accurate top speed and lap time for almost all of the cars in the game.

Furthermore, Broughy1322 runs a website called gtacars.net, which according to the About Us section is:

"GTACars.net is your one-stop auto-shop for all the information you could ever need about vehicles in all Grand Theft Auto games."

Thus, Broughy1322's website is dedicated to providing gamers with hard facts and valuable information about the performance of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online automobiles, that even take references from game files to ensure the information is as precise as possible.

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