Rockstar insider hints at possible GTA Online DLC release date

GTA Online might be receiving an update in a few weeks (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online might be receiving an update in a few weeks (Image via Rockstar Games)

Popular Rockstar Games and GTA insider Tez2 has increased the community's hype yet again with a small but enticing tip. According to many, his latest post on Twitter might be hinting at a new DLC release on July 19, 2022. Tez2 had previously alluded to the date, but with this latest tweet, he seems absolutely certain.

Possible GTA Online DLC release date leaked by insider

Tez2's above tweet hearkens back to another one he made in 2020. He merely tweeted a SpongeBob meme that suggests the GTA Online community is in for a pleasant surprise. The Red Dead Online community, on the other hand, can only look on and envy the former, as the game receives little attention from Rockstar.

Meanwhile, the new tweet simply mentions a date, July 19, 2022. Fans have assumed that it certifies the arrival of the next DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online. Earlier, Tez2 had referred to the GTA+ monthly bonuses, which will be ending on July 18. Since the bonuses are ending so abruptly in the middle of the month, he opines that it must be a hint regarding a new DLC.

Furthermore, July 19 will fall on a Tuesday, and since Rockstar releases major DLCs on this day, this further solidified Tez2's statement. Most fans have automatically assumed this hint to be true, as Tez2 is a respectable and trustworthy figure in the Grand Theft Auto community.

What could the next DLC be?

@iconsbc1 @TezFunz2 It's not clear for now as R* didn't announce anything yet but the main hypotheses are Cops and Crooks update or a movie industry update.

There has also been speculation about what the new Grand Theft Auto Online DLC will bring. According to fans and insiders, there are two major possibilities. It's likely that the DLC will bring the frequently discussed 'Cops and Crooks' update or a 'movie industry' addition.

According to rumors, the former was a canceled project that was eventually replaced by Los Santos Tuners. The second theory, however, is based on rumors that Michael will return to GTA Online. There have also been reports of Liberty City being added to the game as a map expansio.

None of these rumors can be confirmed at the moment, but they've all attracted the attention of the fanbase.

Reaction from Red Dead Online fans

@PatriotNation0 @TezFunz2 Red dead online got a boring one month long event while GTA online is getting a big new update.

While GTA Online fans are undoubtedly excited, Red Dead Online fans are quite annoyed. They reckon the title has been completely abandoned by Rockstar Games. Despite incessantly speaking out about it and using the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline, the game continues to be neglected.

As of now, Rockstar is yet to speak out about any new DLC for either of the games. Hence, fans shouldn't be too convinced about this recent hint, even though it comes from a fairly reputable source.

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