Snow finally arrives in GTA Online: All you need to know

Players can finally enjoy snow in GTA Online ahead of Christmas (Image via GTA5-Mods)
Players can finally enjoy snow in GTA Online ahead of Christmas (Image via GTA5-Mods)

Rockstar Games has finally added snow to GTA Online. It usually snows in Los Santos and Blaine County around this time, and this tradition has been followed since the very first winter update in 2013.

As of now, there haven't been any announcements for the Festive Surprise event that takes place during this time.

GTA Online Festive Surprise 2021: It's finally snowing in Los Santos

Snow has descended upon Los Santos and Blaine County.Wrap up and venture out with caution in these tricky conditions residents!#GTAOnline

As the winter holidays are nearly upon everyone, GTA Online players are being treated to exciting news today. Snow has returned to San Andreas, covering the city of Los Santos and the surrounding countryside of Blaine County.

Roads are about to get slippery and vision is set to get foggier as players settle into the Christmas mood.

This year, players can expect various free gifts, including a Baller ST, which Rockstar accidentally confirmed on Instagram.

Looks like Rockstar slipped and accidentally confirmed the Baller ST available for free as part of #GTAOnline Holiday Event.

There are also a few upcoming liveries that will be unlocked during the holiday season in GTA Online. These will be exclusive to new vehicles introduced alongside The Contract DLC in GTA Online.

Baller ST will be available for free as part of the upcoming #GTAOnline Holiday event.It has an extra tunable variable, the same one Brioso 300 had, to enable it for a limited time during the Holiday event.Credit: @WildBrick142…

Here's the list of cars along with their upcoming liveries:

  • Enus Deity - Golden Leaf
  • Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio - Santa's New Sled
  • Gallivanter Baller ST - Festive Stripes

Although it never snowed in the 2013 version of San Andreas found in Story Mode, GTA Online has regularly featured snowfall as part of its Christmas update. The first one was called Holiday Gifts, and in 2014, it was renamed 'Festive Surprise'.

Since then, Rockstar celebrates Christmas every year by offering various gifts and rewards to players.

During this time, players can pick up and throw snowballs, which are surprisingly lethal, unlike their real-life counterparts. The roads become more slippery, which is a nice realistic touch that deviates from the unrealistic depiction of snowfall in Los Santos.

Most importantly, snowfall in GTA Online marks the arrival of the Christmas update, and it puts every player in a festive mood. The game adds a Christmas tree at Legion Square and inside every apartment.

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