xQc, Buddha, Loud Coringa, and more GTA 5 streamers’ alleged earnings revealed in unconfirmed Twitch leak

The recent leak has caused quite the stir (Images via @xQc and @LOUDCORINGA2021, Twitter; and Content Hive, YouTube)
The recent leak has caused quite the stir (Images via @xQc and @LOUDCORINGA2021, Twitter; and Content Hive, YouTube)

The amount of money Twitch pays GTA streamers has been revealed thanks to an alleged recent leak. This includes some of the most popular names in GTA RP like xQc, Buddha, and Loud Coringa.

Twitch recently suffered an apparent massive data breach, exposing a wealth of information, including monthly payments to streamers. Donations, sponsors, merchandising, and other sources of revenue are not included in these numbers.

While it appears to have provided a lot of intriguing information, it might also have exposed critical information. The extent of the leaks is not yet known, but the streamers’ revenue details have certainly piqued fans’ interest.

Supposed revenues of GTA 5 streamers exposed in an unverified Twitch leak

Twitch has just had a major leak of a lot of stuff including their monthly payouts to streamers.Here are some of the notables (note: this total is just their payout directly from twitch, so it doesn't include donations, sponsors, merch, etc.)

When it comes to monthly revenues, xQc comes out on top with $752,467 for September 2021. Loud Coringa comes in with $57,105, which is far below xQc. Buddha seems to be absent from the monthly revenue leak.

Here’s another list that provides the revenue details of the top 100 highest-paid Twitch streamers, from August 2019 to October 2021:

The gross payouts of the top 100 highest-paid Twitch streamers from August 2019 until October 2021:

xQc has been the second-highest paid streamer during this period, with total revenue of $8,454,427.17. He is also the most popular GTA streamer on the platform. This only goes on to show how popular GTA RP has been in recent times.

Although it began as early as 2019, the popularity of GTA RP skyrocketed since the global lockdowns began. With more and more popular streamers joining the game, it soon became the biggest trend on Twitch.

Buddha comes in at the 67th position with $1,158,170.55 of revenue earned. On the other hand, Loud Coringa seems to be missing from this list. It’s important to note that these numbers only represent a percentage of what streamers earn.

This equation lacks donations, merchandise, YouTube revenue, and sponsorships. For GTA streamers, sponsorships alone may bring in over a million dollars each month.

Streamers appear to have been the sole focus of the leaks. Twitch, however, has yet to corroborate any of this.

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