xQc gets roasted by the owner of the GTA RP server NoPixel

xQc recently became the talk of the town, once again for an event related to the GTA RP server NoPixel (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc recently became the talk of the town, once again for an event related to the GTA RP server NoPixel (Image via Sportskeeda)

The GTA RP server NoPixel and xQc have had a rather eventful relationship over the years. Although the iconic Twitch streamer has been banned countless times from the server, he always finds a way to get back on it.

However, the Twitch streamer recently ran into the owner of the server himself, who criticized him for his lack of 'roleplay' while playing GTA RP. This was possibly meant to be a cheeky dig but xQc's reaction was even funnier.

The Twitch legend has been at the center of many memorable incidents on this GTA RP server. NoPixel is an eventful place, as it is frequented by many iconic streamers like Valkyrae, Pokimane, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband.

Time and again, fans have enjoyed the various shenanigans playing out on the server. Suffice to say, xQc has been a big part of NoPixel's popularity.

However, this time it was even better for the fans as they saw him and Koil, the owner of the GTA RP server, face-off in a shootout. It was seen as retribution by fans of xQc, who had been banned numerous times from this server.

"Do you roleplay anywhere, mate?”: Koil on xQc's roleplaying skills in the GTA RP server NoPixel

Here's how it started: xQc was up to his usual antics on GTA RP NoPixel when he came across the player Koil, who happens to be the owner and lead developer of this server.

They soon got engaged in a 1v1 shootout. However, it was clear from the beginning that xQc had a substantial lead in the match. Being a former Overwatch pro, this was nothing more than a cakewalk for him.

However, Koil did not accept defeat right away. He refused to part with his belongings after xQc's character asked him to. Apparently, he privately told his chat:

I can’t believe I died to xQc. I’m going to uninstall.

On the other hand, xQc's character was also wounded in the standoff. However, at this point, he did not care much about the roleplay aspect of the game:

Oh no, I’m going to die!... Wait. Do I roleplay here? Ah, f--- roleplay, dude. I’m not going to roleplay.

Koil jumped at the opportunity and made fun of xQc's 'roleplaying' skills, which could have been a double entendre meant to annoy him:

What do you mean here? Do you roleplay anywhere, mate?

It was in good humor, as xQc riddled Koil's character with bullets and gave the poor guy a quick death.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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