Who are the most popular GTA 5 streamers for each language?

Here is Loud Coringa in his natural habitat (Image via Loud Coringa)
Here is Loud Coringa in his natural habitat (Image via Loud Coringa)

GTA 5 streamers are well-known worldwide, and there are several popular streamers who stream in their regional languages.

Rockstar Games made around a billion dollars in 2020 alone. Their GTA 5 sales have gone through the roof, and some of this can be attributed to the rise of GTA 5 streamers. Whether it’s the base game or a roleplaying server, their viewers want to participate, and the popularity of these streamers cannot be understated.

It’s important to note that GTA 5 streamers often transcend language barriers, and find audiences everywhere across the world. However, some native language speakers garner a massive local audience, and there are popular GTA 5 streamers for several different languages.

Who are popular GTA 5 streamers for each respective language?


Some GTA 5 streamers are so popular in their countries, they transcend video games. For example, Loud Coringa is a Portuguese streamer also known for his music videos. He is undeniably popular with a large following.

This article only covers languages that are listed on TwitchMetrics. It will go over 12 different languages. These are English, Korean, Russian, German, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, and Polish.

Here are the results, according to TwitchMetrics


TwitchMetrics is a website that tracks relevant information to GTA 5 streamers. They often record data within the past few weeks. Each of the 12 languages are represented by their most popular GTA 5 streamers.

For the sake of readibility, the results are broken up into three different tables. Here is the first one for English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages:

EnglishSummit1g23,587 average viewers
SpanishLITkillah 29,324 average viewers
Portuguese Loud Coringa78,205 average viewers


Here are the top GTA 5 streamers for the French, German, Dutch, Swedish, and Polish languages:

FrenchJLTomy20,880 average viewers
GermanMckyTV8,255 average viewers
DutchChatmo336 average viewers
SwedishCyrusTWO1,301 average viewers
PolishEWROON13,700 average viewers

Finally, here are the most popular GTA 5 streamers for the Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian languages:

Japanese[no results found][no results found]
Chinese龍武 (longwu1216) 548 average viewers
Korean코모리59 (komori595) 91 average viewers
Russianr0xieee 1,230 average viewers

A few interesting findings


The most popular GTA 5 streamers are native speakers for English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. Loud Coringa is easily the most popular as of August 2021. He averages nearly 80,000 viewers. GTA 5 also seems to be popular in France and Poland.

According to TwitchMetrics, GTA 5 streamers lack popularity in Asian countries. The same applies to Dutch and Swedish players. There isn't even a listing for Japanese streamers. GTA 5 has sold very well across the world, however, there isn't much demand to see these streamers.

Why are GTA 5 streamers so popular?


GTA 5 streamers retain high viewership because they provide an entertaining product. Whether they make viewers laugh or perform highly skilled feats, these streamers know what they are doing. Not everybody can be a GTA 5 streamer.

At the end of the day, their popularity also depends on their country. Japanese streamers tend to prefer RPGs rather than GTA 5. One example is RTAinJapan, who regularly streams Dragon Quest and Metal Max. There are always cultural differences with every country.

GTA 5 streamers remain hugely popular in places like the United States, Germany, and Spain. These countries have a large fanbase dedicated to GTA 5. However, Portugal is the real standout thanks to Loud Coringa.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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