Which GTA 5 streamers had the highest peak viewership in August 2021?

Loud Coringa is still one of the most popular GTA 5 streamers (Image via Loud Coringa, YouTube)
Loud Coringa is still one of the most popular GTA 5 streamers (Image via Loud Coringa, YouTube)
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High peak viewership is a good popularity measure for GTA 5 streamers. Players who get over 100,000 viewers on Twitch often find themselves in a successful position.

It takes time and effort to build enough momentum on the platform. However, once streamers get the ball rolling, there is no stopping it.

Which GTA 5 streamers carried the highest peak views for August 2021?


It's not easy to achieve high viewership on Twitch. For every major player with a partnership, there are thousands of unknown names. Nonetheless, successful GTA 5 streamers might gain viewership in the tens of thousands. In some cases, they can even get over 100,000 viewers.

August is a busy month for video games in general, and GTA 5 streamers have maintained consistent viewership for their livestreams.

Using TwitchMetrics to determine the top ten


TwitchMetrics is one of the most reliable sources of data on GTA 5 streamers. It records everything, from average viewers to the number of followers. The website also determines peak viewership within the past month.

The following information only pertains to August 2021. Listed below are the top GTA 5 streamers based on their highest peak viewership:

  • Loud Coringa (159,928 peak viewers)
  • LITkillah (75,388 peak viewers)
  • D3stri (44,944 peak viewers)
  • Summit1g (41,731 peak viewers)
  • EaiMaka (41,138 peak viewers)
  • Shayvictorioo (40,425 peak viewers)
  • Buddha (37,853 peak viewers)
  • BaianoNS (35,147 peak viewers)
  • Brasilfpss (34,982 peak viewers)
  • LenonNS (34,007 peak viewers)

A reminder about TwitchMetrics


Many players don't know the difference between highest peak viewership and most-watched streamers. These are completely different categories on TwitchMetrics.

Peak viewership only accounts for the highest number of viewers within a stream. Meanwhile, the most-watched streamers deal with viewership hours in total.

TwitchMetrics mainly accounts for active GTA 5 streamers. The likes of xQc used to bring in over 100,000 viewers per livestream. However, since he no longer plays the game like he used to, he is not considered.

TwitchMetrics records the highest viewer count over the course of a month. It only takes into account the past 30 days. However, the website has not updated its peak viewership data since last week, so the numbers may be slightly outdated.

A few notes about the top GTA 5 streamers


It's not surprising to see major names like Summit1g and Buddha in the top ten. They are notable veterans who have made a name for themselves in the streaming community.

However, it's Loud Coringa who is attracting a lot of attention to his streams. As of this writing, he is the most popular GTA 5 streamer.

Loud Coringa not only has the fastest-growing channel, but he is also the most-watched streamer in the month of August so far. No other streamer is close to his stats.

For the sake of comparison, Loud Coringa had almost 160,000 viewers watching his livestreams. The individual with the second-highest peak viewership that month was LITkillah, a famous Argentine singer, who had nearly half the viewership total.

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