Who are the fastest growing GTA streamers on Twitch?

Among GTA streamers, loud_coringa is rising fast (Image via Youtube/Clipadas do Coringa)
Among GTA streamers, loud_coringa is rising fast (Image via Youtube/Clipadas do Coringa)
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A newer generation of GTA streamers are starting to take shape on Twitch, given their recent upswing in popularity.

Twitch has always been the go-to platform for big-time GTA streamers. The likes of Summit1g, Buddha, and Sodappopin all gained experience here. Twitch is a great place to build followers over time. Within recent months, there has been a sudden change in popularity among GTA streamers.

In the absence of former heavyweights xQc and Sykkuno, others have taken their place. GTA streamers worldwide continue to find increased viewership. Throughout the highs and lows of Twitch viewership, these players are the rising stars who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Which GTA streamers are the fastest growing on Twitch?


Alongside YouTube, Twitch is one of the best platforms for GTA streamers. Despite its questionable policies, Twitch barely has direct competitors (especially after the failure of Mixer). Its large audience offers many opportunities for GTA streamers to expand their fanbase. The month of August has been very interesting so far, at least for these streamers.

Here are the top GTA streamers based on fastest growing audience


TwitchMetrics is the best source of information for fast rising streamers. It calculates all the necessary data, such as how many followers were added within the month, and GTA streamers continue to rise in popularity on Twitch.

Here are the fastest growing GTA streamers on Twitch, according to TwitchMetrics:

  • loud_coringa (174,810 follower changes)
  • Sabsdenada (148,307 follower changes)
  • sidoka_ns (123,738 follower changes)
  • shayvictorioo (110,499 follower changes)
  • Kant (102,033 follower changes)
  • GaleguiNS (98,140 follower changes)
  • LITkillah (97,513 follower changes)
  • BaianoNS (93,335 follower changes)
  • ShockWavezTV (82,946 follower changes)
  • MudinhoxD (78,296 follower changes)

As shown here, loud_coringa is the fastest growing channel by far, with almost 175,000 new followers. That number is expected to rise exponentially, given its current trajectory. However, Sabsdenada is not too far behind either.

Interestingly, many of the rising GTA streamers are from Portugal. The series has a large following overseas, so that shouldn't come as a surprise. These channels have been around for a while, but they are now starting to pick up traction.

How TwitchMetrics works

TwitchMetrics is a reliable source of information for GTA streamers (Image via Twitch)
TwitchMetrics is a reliable source of information for GTA streamers (Image via Twitch)

TwitchMetrics calculates these findings based on the number of followers gained within 30 days. The fastest growing GTA streamers are in a different category than most watched or highest viewership peaks. Nonetheless, it's a good sign for channel growth, especially if a channel garners 100,000 new followers within the span of a month.

The entire purpose of the website is to accurately display statistics based on numerous factors, such as the most followed or popular GTA streamers, and this makes it a reliable source to use for research purposes.

Why are they rising in popularity?


For starters, many of the bigger names have stopped playing GTA 5 regularly. Whether it's due to bans (xQc) or burn out (Sykkuno and Sodapoppin), these streamers have moved on elsewhere. In the meantime, they've left an opening for potential viewership.

Another thing to consider is the Portuguese audience for the game, and GTA streamers like loud_coringa, Sabsdenada, and sidoka_ns have loyal followers from this particular region. Portugal's influence cannot be understated, especially with GTA streamers.

Most importantly, these GTA 5 streamers regularly engage with their core audience. Many treat streaming as a full-time job that they dedicate themselves to. Within the past few months, these GTA streamers have been building momentum at a very rapid pace.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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