5 most-watched GTA 5 Twitch streamers as of August 2021

loud_coringa has a large following in the GTA 5 community (Image via BUENOX, YouTube)
loud_coringa has a large following in the GTA 5 community (Image via BUENOX, YouTube)
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The summer isn't over yet, as GTA 5 streamers continue to heat up their viewership hours on Twitch. They have carved a successful niche in the gaming community, specifically on Twitch.

Although several key players have already left GTA 5 roleplaying, a good number still find viewership. One of them even manages to have monthly viewing hours of over 13 million (loud_coringa).

TwitchMetrics provides the necessary data for the most popular GTA 5 streamers (at least on that platform). This is calculated by viewer hours and the average viewership for each stream. It only takes into account the past month or so.

Five most viewed GTA 5 Twitch streamers this month

Twitch remains one of the most popular ways to stream GTA 5 (Image via Twitch Blog)
Twitch remains one of the most popular ways to stream GTA 5 (Image via Twitch Blog)

GTA 5 RP continues to maintain a respectable community. While xQc and Sykkuno may no longer stream Grand Theft Auto like they once did, others have taken their place. As the summer heat brings on scorching temperatures, these are the most watched GTA streamers for August.

1) loud_coringa (13,392,472 viewer hours)


Far and away, the most viewed GTA 5 streamer on Twitch is loud_coringa. With a largely international audience of 2.3 million viewers, the Portuguese is certainly popular. He regularly plays GTA 5 RP.

Keep in mind this game has a large following outside of the United States, loud_coringa proudly represents his community. His chat room alone is always active โ€” there is barely any time to breathe as the comments go by. He is the most watched GTA 5 streamer overall, not just in Portugal.

13,392,472 viewer hours (as of writing) is a truly impressive accomplishment. If anything, loud_coringa has more than double the lead over the next most watched GTA 5 streamer.

2) buddha (5,622,613 viewer hours)


Buddha only recently celebrated his birthday with the Twitch community. He is currently the second most watched Twitch streamer under the GTA 5 category.

He is particularly well-known for his interactions with xQc and Sykkuno. Unlike those two, however, Buddha remains active.

3) RatedEpicz (3,828,145 viewer hours)


Sponsored by G Fuel Energy drinks, RatedEpicz has certainly made a name for himself.

The GTA 5 streamer is a long-time player in the NoPixel community, having been there for several years now.

4) Ramee (3,184,144 viewer hours)


Ramee is a man of many firsts โ€” he once completed the Gold Laptop Hack in GTA 5 RP.

His hacking skills are unquestionably great. A member of the Chang Gang, Ramee also maintains a partnership with G Fuel Energy.

5) mount (2,539,478 viewer hours)


Portuguese GTA 5 streamers are highly popular in their countries. A member of Team Furia, Mount regularly maintains contact with his followers.

He was once a major player in both Minecraft and Fall Guys before moving onto GTA 5 RP.

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