Ranking all Heist missions in the GTA franchise

All Heists from GTA Vice City to GTA V (Image via Rockstar Games)
All heists from GTA Vice City to GTA V (Image via Rockstar Games)

Heists are a vital part of the GTA series, allowing players to initiate more in-depth missions with big rewards. They are multi-part missions in the story mode that involve setting up, making plans, doing prep missions, and executing major missions, usually a theft.

Major missions tend to be high-profit jobs that allow players to earn a lot of money. The concept was first introduced in GTA: Vice City but was later introduced to every major title afterward, including GTA Online.

With that being said, let's rank all the heists from all the major games in the series.

All Heist missions in the GTA franchise so far

9) The Job


One of the most popular heists, The Job, comes from the iconic GTA: Vice City. This mission is the final Malibu Club asset challenge in the game that protagonist Tommy Vercetti has to handle himself. Its main objective is to rob the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank (in a comparable vein to GTA Online heists).

The successful completion of the heist rewards players with a sum of $50,000 and unlocks the Malibu Club's revenue stream, allowing players to collect $10,000 regularly.

8) Breaking The Bank at Caligula’s


Breaking the Bank at Caligula's is the final heist mission in GTA San Andreas. In this heist, Carl Johnson, the main protagonist, must team up with Wu Zi Mu, Zero, and other characters to construct the heist at Caligula's Casino. Aside from the atmosphere, this heist additionally provides an epic getaway in the form of a parachute.

Players receive a hefty reward of $100,000 and an increase in respect after completing the mission.

7) Three Leaf Clover


Next on our list is the famous Three Leaf Clover heist mission from GTA IV. It requires the players' main protagonist, Nico Bellic, to rob the Bank of Liberty. The primary one (apart from an apparent economic reward) is that it doesn't go as planned. It involves action-packed set pieces such as surviving the ambush with cops and high-speed chase sequences.

The successful completion of the mission rewards players with $250,000, which is the best in the game.

6) Jewel Store Job


The Jewel Store Job Heist requires players to rob a jewelry store and pay back money to Martin Madrazo. Being the first heist in the game, it involves two protagonists, Michael and Franklin, working together. The heist can be done in two methods: smart and loud. Each of them gives a unique experience to the players, as they can rob the store with stealth or go all out the front door.

Its completion rewards Michael with $1,223,073 and Franklin with $293,539 at its maximum.

5) Merryweather Heist


Next on our list is the Merryweather Heist, which requires players to rob a high-tech device from Merryweather Security. It can be done with two different approaches. Both approaches give a different experience to players, which further adds to the freedom of choice the game provides. The entire heist involves action sequences like a 5-star Hollywood movie with all three protagonists involved.

Completion of this heist unlocks the ability to purchase the Sonae Collections Dock in the game.

4) Blitz Play


Blitz Play is the next heist from GTA V on our list. It's another heist that involves participation from all three protagonists. Offered by the FIB itself, it requires players to take down a Securicar, an armored car filled with a massive load of funds, steal it and fight their way off from several waves of cops.

Instead of giving rewards in terms of money, the overall heist is one tough challenge that feels very satisfying upon completion.

3) Paleto Score


At number 3, we have The Paleto Score from Grand Theft Auto 5, which requires complete coordination from all three protagonists. Once again offered by the FIB, it requires players to raid the bank located in Paleto Bay and survive waves of both local cops as well as the military itself. The entire mission is as entertaining as players can expect from the series.

Successful completion of the heist rewards players with a total sum of $464,395 for each protagonist.

2) Bureau Raid


Next on our list is the famous The Bureau Raid heist in the game. It requires two protagonists, Michael and Franklin, to raid the FIB Building and retrieve the evidence against Steve Haines. Players have two approaches to initiate the heist, giving both covert and roof options. It contains action set pieces put together where players can experience tension-building moments.

Upon completion, it rewards players with a staggering amount of $149,392 - $242,346.

1) Big Score


At number 1, it's one of the biggest heists in the series, The Big Score. It has big stakes, risks, and payout. Upon being pressurized by Merryweather, all three protagonists must steal gold bullion worth millions of dollars from the Union Depository bank. Players can either choose a subtle approach or drill the bank's locker and survive heavy resistance from the cops.

The maximum revenue players can earn here is $41,664,000 for all three.

All games have some of the best moment-creating heists available, and we expect them to continue the trend with the upcoming GTA VI.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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