Ranking GTA Series' most underrated characters 

The GTA series features some of the best-written characters (Image via Rockstar Games)
The GTA series features some of the best-written characters (Image via Rockstar Games)

The allowed anarchy of GTA has perhaps been one of its greatest selling points. However, without a well-spun story to support the gameplay, all the exciting aspects of the series would have soon fallen apart.

However, GTA features some of the best storylines ever seen. To make the emulated underworld experience all the more believable, games need to have a serious, well-constructed plot to hold the events in place.

With some mind-blowing storylines, GTA understandably features some of the best-written characters ever.

5 of the most underrated characters from the GTA franchise

5) Angus Martin


GTA 4 is an ambitious and experimental take on the usual GTA format and treatment. Featuring a dark storyline akin to a gritty crime thriller, the title features many well-written characters.

Although not often talked about, Angus Martin, a character from the GTA 4 DLC 'The Lost and Damned' is a well-rounded character. He has been brilliantly portrayed as someone consumed by pessimism and hatred but still holding himself together for the sake of loyalty.

4) Johnny Klebitz


One of the most well-written MCs of the GTA series, Johnny Klebitz is the perfect protagonist of GTA 4: The Lost and the Damned DLC. A rugged biker with dispassionate one-liners at the ready, Johnny starts out as a stock character.

However, as the story progresses, players slowly realize various layers of his rather troubled personality.

3) Kate McReary


One of the most well-written female characters in the series, Kate is not often talked about as much as Catalina or Mercedes. GTA has recently started introducing interesting and complex female characters, who significantly contribute to the storyline, and Kate McReary is a major example of this trend.

2) Luis Fernando Lopez


GTA 4 was certainly just written differently, as it's a gold mine of complex and interesting characters. Luis Fernando Lopez is a major character from the GTA 4 DLC 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' and might even be reminiscent of Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad.

A reserved and calculating man who seldom reveals his motives, Luis is the perfect foil to Tony Prince. However, his actions slowly establish what his ambitions are. However, he is certainly one of the best-written characters in all of video game history.

1) Ken Rosenberg


There can be little doubt that Ken Rosenberg is one of the most well-written characters from GTA Vice City. Bit of a mixture of Saul Goodman and Tuco Salamanca, Ken Rosenberg is a shady yet loyal friend.

Ken is the guy one can trust enough to kill someone, hide the body and fight the lawsuit if there is one (because he is a competent lawyer, despite being a wreck).

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