GTA San Andreas Redditor discovers a hilarious glitch that involves using a monster truck

The monster truck can be used to experience a famous bug in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
The monster truck can be used to experience a famous bug in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans of the GTA games enjoy them not only for the variety of possibilities available but also for the bizarre exploits that can be used. The original 3D Universe trilogy, in particular, is known for having a slew of hilarious bugs that don't detract from the overall experience but rather add to it.

This is also the case with GTA San Andreas, where Rockstar left a few harmless bugs that players enjoyed. Monster trucks, for example, can be used for a one-of-a-kind vehicle glitch that players are unlikely to discover by accident unless they set out to do so.

Redditor hopes for popular GTA San Andreas bug to be available in the Definitive Edition

A GTA Redditor named Meesmoth posted the above video on the r/GTA subreddit recently, which has since gained quite a few upvotes. It showcases a renowned glitch in the original GTA San Andreas using a Monster (the in-game monster truck). To reproduce this glitch, players need to drive a Monster above any other car, with one of the monster truck's wheels over the car's hood.

They can do this with any other NPC-driven vehicle, or they can find one of their own to make sure it is executed flawlessly. After placing the Monster in the position shown in the video, they need to get out of it and hijack or get in the other vehicle (the one stuck below the monster truck).

Just as the animation begins to play for hijacking or to get in the vehicle, it is launched high into the air, spinning violently along the way. The car explodes in a matter of seconds as it approaches the game's maximum possible altitude. The player dies, as expected, but the effects are so unique and hilarious that most players do this on purpose to experience it.

The OP (original poster) hopes to see the same bug in the Definitive Edition of GTA San Andreas, as seen from his caption. Other Redditors pointed out that it is indeed present in the remastered game, as Grove Street Games merely ported over the previously remastered mobile port, which was full of bugs.

The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy launched in a poor and unplayable state, with countless game-breaking bugs that ruined the gameplay experience. Most players review-bombed the games on Metacritic, which led to it being the lowest-rated Rockstar Games title in history. Rockstar apologized for the situation and has since fixed the title with patches.


However, they have only been fixing the critical bugs that had never been present in the original trilogy and were only introduced with the remasters. As a result, some of the most famous exploits and glitches found in the original games are still present. One such example is the transparent floor bug in GTA 3 that allows players to visit a restricted part of the map from the very beginning.

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