GTA 6 insider claims Rockstar’s next RAGE engine to be “mind-blowing”

The next game is going to look much better than Grand Theft Auto V
The next game is going to look much better than Grand Theft Auto V (Image via Rockstar Games)

One GTA 6 insider has recently claimed how advanced the RAGE 9 is. Rockstar Games has used this engine for many of its recent hits, including the incredibly well-received Red Dead Redemption 2. For those who don't know, RAGE stands for "Rockstar Advanced Game Engine."

There are no credible reports of the company switching over to Unreal Engine 5 or any other popular game engine. However, some leaks are talking about how advanced RAGE 9 is, which shouldn't surprise anybody who saw how promising the leaked videos were.

GTA 6 insider talks about how realistic Rockstar's RAGE 9 is

The automatic translation feature from Twitter states that this insider states:

"We've received some RAGE 9 tooling test material. A glimpse of what's to come! And ladies and gentlemen, we're not ready for this damn engine, it's close to realism! F***, this shit is getting insane."

Unfortunately, there aren't any videos or screenshots of how "insane" this new tool is. One can only take Mattheus at his word for this claim. Rockstar Games hasn't revealed anything about the upcoming title thus far, so it's impossible to know if this leak or any of Mattheus's older ones about RAGE 9 are accurate.

Another automatic translation of the above tweet states:

"Folks! For security reasons I will not show. Yes it's amazing, all the light effect work, the water and even the night will be mind blowing. Can't wait for the reveal! Again, a huge leap in quality from the entire Rockstar Games team."

If the leaker isn't lying, then it's logical why they wouldn't share anything that could get them in trouble. However, many leakers claimed to have insight regarding GTA 6 but were found to have made everything up.

The "mind-blowing" graphics are to be expected from GTA 6. While some fans might have complained about what they saw from the leaked videos, it's important to note that what was shown isn't the final product. The end result is going to look much better.

Other people seem to hold the same views

Some people with information on this topic have stated that RAGE 9 is "ahead of its time." The above tweet is another example of how realistic GTA 6 can supposedly be, with improvements in:

  • Renders
  • Water movement
  • Lighting

Every mainline Grand Theft Auto game has looked better than the last one, so fans should expect GTA 6 to outclass its predecessor in graphics. Other claims from Mattheus about this engine include the following:

  • Significant improvements to NPC interactions, including those with the player
  • Great environmental effects
  • Can support up to 16K textures

GTA 6 is shaping up to surpass most fans' expectations if these rumors are true. Unfortunately, there is no way of confirming all this information until either Rockstar Games reveals it in a trailer or another mega-leak happens.

The claims about RAGE 9 being revolutionary have happened as early as April 2022. More vague reports on this topic are to be expected in the upcoming months until more concrete details about GTA 6 finally get released for the public to see.

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