Major GTA 6 leak allegedly hints at surfing to debut in series

GTA 6 players may be able to finally surf the waves (Image via YouTube/Makiman131)
GTA 6 players may be able to finally surf the waves (Image via YouTube/Makiman131)

The upcoming GTA 6 (officially untitled) leaks are becoming more frequent and interesting, with a recent one revealing that the upcoming title will include new water sports, such as surfing. According to a report by the Dexerto Gaming website, a leaker named Aleix Venturas revealed on Twitter that Rockstar Games plans to improve the water physics in Grand Theft Auto 6 and will introduce several water-based activities.

While the gaming studio has not officially commented on the leak, players are convinced, given that Grand Theft Auto 6 will almost certainly feature Vice City, a fictional version of Miami, Florida, known for its beaches and water activities.

Latest leak reveals new GTA 6 water physics and aquatic activities


On February 28, 2023, Dexerto Gaming published an article reporting Aleix Venturas’ reveal. While the latter has since deleted their Twitter profile, the GTA 6 leaks revealed the following information:

“The term "ahead of its time" is realistic. Thanks to the colossal revenues that Grand Theft Auto Online has brought to Take-Two Interactive since 2013, the businessmen of the parent company of @RockstarGames have decided to invest in a new technology and integrate it into #GTA6.”

Another follow-up post of theirs mentioned:

“We can therefore speculate that the aquatic environment will occupy an important place…and that a lot of novelties will accompany this new technology such as the practice of a new sport never before seen in the Grand Theft Auto saga, such as surfing, for example.”

While Grand Theft Auto 5 already has impressive water features and an underwater world, there are only two water-based sports activities: swimming and jet ski races. However, new GTA 6 leaks indicate that Rockstar Games may include surfing as a new sport in the franchise.


According to the details, the next untitled Grand Theft Auto game will have improved water physics. Aleix Venturas further stated that the current multiplayer game's massive commercial success has prompted Rockstar Games to incorporate new technologies in the upcoming game.

A previous leak also revealed that the gaming studio may use the new RAGE 9 engine in the upcoming game, which can generate realistic water waves and collision effects.

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