Popular leaker claims that GTA 6 might be set in Brazil

The next Grand Theft Auto title might indeed go down to South America (Image via QUByte Interactive)
The next Grand Theft Auto title might indeed go down to South America (Image via QUByte Interactive)

The latest GTA 6 leak seems to have revealed the setting for the upcoming game, and apparently, it features Brazil as one of many locations. This has been stated by Matheusvictorbr- (@Matheusbr9895_), a popular member of the Grand Theft Auto community.

He believes that the game will have multiple locations, including Vice City, and it might also feature Carcer City and Cuba. Here are all of the details on the new leak, as well as an assessment of how credible it is.

GTA 6 map location allegedly revealed by leaker

A equipe da Rockstar Games realmente gostou do resultado que o Brasil Trouxe para o Max Payne 3.Após isso a equipe Planejou que o prólogo do próximo GTA possivelmente iria acontecer no Brasil, Em 2003 - com o assassinato dos pais dos protagonistas, mortos por cartéis rivais. 🇧🇷

When it comes to GTA 6 leaks, Matheus Victor has been on a roll lately. He has revealed some interesting information on the upcoming game as well as Grand Theft Auto Online. According to him, the next Grand Theft Auto title might have a brother-sister protagonist duo with a certain backstory.

Meanwhile, he has also spoken out about a possible map expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. It is supposed to introduce Liberty City to the game and will allegedly be launched through an upcoming DLC. In comparison, the latest piece of information sounds much more subtle.

This is because rumors of Brazil being featured in the next GTA game have been going on for years, starting with the Project America leak. In addition, Matheus Victor has also stated that the upcoming game might also feature Carcer City, Vice City, and a particular region based in Cuba.

How credible is this information?

@Metalane13 I’m 80% confident of Carcer City, VC, Cuba, among others.

Matheus Victor seems to be quite confident about the Brazil-inspired setting of the game. On the other hand, he's not 100% confident on the other locations being present. Here's what the original tweet reads when translated:

"The Rockstar Games team really liked the result that Brazil brought to Max Payne 3. After that the team planned that the prologue of the next GTA would possibly take place in Brazil, In 2003 - with the murder of the protagonists' parents, killed by rival cartels."

Max Payne 3 took a major directional change away from the Max Payne series. It saw the noir setting of the first two games being replaced by a more convincing neo-noir storyline. The reception was quite mixed; while players enjoyed the game and praised the story, they also complained of a lack of connection to the originals.


According to Matheus Victor, Rockstar liked their depiction of Brazil so much that they decided to reintroduce it to GTA 6. Matheus also seems to have revealed the backstory. This features siblings being separated in the past after their parents are killed, and the plot is seemingly starting in Brazil.

This sounds quite convincing for a Rockstar Games title, as their stories have always been rather dark and intended for mature audiences.

However, with the direction that GTA Online has been taking, many players are doubtful of this leak. Had this been leaked out in 2018, it would have been much more credible. Meanwhile, the locations don't sound too outlandish, although that's largely because there haven't been many convincing map leaks.


@Matheusbr9895_ @Metalane13 What are your sources bro, no offense you just kinda came out of nowhere

It makes sense for Rockstar to feature Brazil in their upcoming game, as the GTA series has been quite popular in the country. A large part of the community, including some of the most active and popular modders, is from Brazil. Hence, this could be a sort of tribute to Brazilian fans for their continued support.

However, as with any other leak, fans should not take this too seriously, nor should they expect it to be 100% accurate. Rockstar has yet to confirm any GTA 6 leak till date, and they are unlikely to do so any time soon. Even the Vice City leaks, which have been agreed upon by the majority of fans and reputable leakers, may not be correct.

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