The Agency in GTA Online DLC: Everything we know so far

The Agency seems to be a new place to earn some dough (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Agency seems to be a new place to earn some dough (Image via Rockstar Games)

Another new DLC is coming up on GTA Online, and this one is called The Contract. It features Franklin Clinton, Dr. Dre, Lamar Davis, and his dog Chop, among others.

The highlight of this update is the Agency, which is possibly a new type of business venture from where players will be getting new missions. This article attempts to explore the Agency from GTA Online in more detail.

GTA Online The Contract DLC: What is the Agency all about?

Franklin Clinton's office and base of operations. #GTAOnline: The Contract.

The Agency in GTA Online seems to be referring to F. Clinton and Partner, which is supposedly a new celebrity solutions agency catering to the elite class of Vinewood. It primarily deals with any sensitive issues that the Vinewood elite need taking care of. This is also how the storyline ties in, as Franklin will likely be employing the player for a particularly important mission: finding Dr. Dre's phone.

The plot is centered around this mobile phone, which contains Dr. Dre's exclusive unreleased music and has been lost. Players will be going out on a wild adventure to get back the precious data along with the device. However, the Agency is not only limited to the story missions. Rockstar has hinted at some other Agency work, which is most likely to include assassination missions.

Some excited fans did a bit of investigation regarding the location of the Agency. They analyzed the pictures of the Agency office as revealed by Rockstar, and according to them, it hints towards a particular building. This is a triangular-shaped building west of Decker Park on the edge of Little Seoul.

From @GTAForums: this seems to be the potential location for the new F. Clinton & Partner Agency property.Credit: ChromSource:…

However, some other fans have pointed out that different pictures of the Agency's interior show different views. While one of them seems to hint at the above-mentioned building as a possible location, the multiple views indicate something else. GTA Online fans have pointed out that the Agency could be a property that can be set up at various locations.

All previous purchasable properties in the game have had several location options to choose from, and this could also be the case for the Agency. The Contract DLC will be arriving on GTA Online on December 15, the timings for which haven't been revealed yet. The update also features several other additional content like new weapons and vehicles.

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